Sunny Health Elliptical Trainers Review 2020

With this elliptical, you can challenge yourself to a varied workout with 16 levels of magnetic resistance. The levels are adjustable using the digital display. The preset programs will adjust the resistance levels automatically during your workout.

You can easily monitor your heart rate using the pulse grips. They will help you to accurately determine your heart rate so you can assess your performance.

This machine has a tablet holder so you can enjoy entertainment while you workout or watch workout videos. The machine also works without electricity. You can stride on the elliptical with the last resistance setting the machine was using before it was turned off.

The SF-E3862 Circuit Zone has textured pedals that are designed to give you superior grip and stability. The pedals actively adjust to your natural foot movement while you exercise. The full-motion handlebars help you engage muscles in your arms, chest, shoulders, and back.

When you rotate your legs on the stride length, you are stimulating muscles in your lower body. You can vary your exercise with 16 levels of resistance which is computer-controlled. Each level pushes you to work harder toward your fitness goals.

The digital meter is used to track distance, time, speed, heart rate, and calories burned. There are 24 presets you can use to mix up your workouts. The pulse grips monitor your heart rate.

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