Sockwell Compression Socks Review 2020

We put a question mark after the title of this tip because there is a lot of understandable confusion about the difference between bamboo and viscose. The two terms get used as if they were the same thing, especially in the bedding industry. But it has an application to many fitness products, too so it is relevant here.

Viscose is a chemical compound that is used to make rayon. Viscose is made by taking cellulose out of trees ad other plants and mixing it with chemicals in a lab. Cellulose is the material that makes up the cell walls of vegetative matter.

In its finished form, the treated viscose can be shaped into rayon fabric. So when you read about “bamboo rayon,” that is rayon made from viscose, which is made from cellulose. In this case, the cellulose is harvested from bamboo plants.

Bamboo rayon combines the best qualities of both its raw material (bamboo) and the finished substance (rayon), Bamboo was used for years in making corsets, because of its pliability and strength. It was only recently that scientific advancements made it possible to use bamboo in sports garments, The bamboo fiber wicks moisture, is porous for air circulation, and will retain its shape while being flexible enough to let feet and toes move.

Rayon, similar to nylon, is durable, stretchable, moldable, porous, and easy to keep clean.

There are safety and environmental risks associated with rayon production. Some of the chemicals used in the process cause health problems for workers. Sockwell works with its supply chain to ensure the materials they use have the most minimal environmental impact possible. However, it pays to educate yourself and investigate companies that offer “bamboo rayon” products or anything made chemically from cellulose.

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