Mueller Ankle Brace Review 2020

THE ONE ankle brace is comfortable to wear in cleats or most any shoe during competition. The anti-slip crisscross straps on the sides protect against ankle sprains. The stirrup straps pull from the side and imitate the effects of taping your ankle. This brace has a seamless construction under your foot which helps to get rid of that annoying skin irritation. The elastic finishing straps on top will lock down all straps. It is a super light, low profile brace which will work on either foot and has a cushioned breathable tongue.

If you are serious about your ankle support this brack is definitely The One. You may have pain along the outside of your ankle, on the inside or on the Achilles tendon. You may have a sprain or be healing from a fracture. This brace helps with strains, sprains, twisted or swollen ankles. They are built for comfort and have a tongue which is cushioned and breathable. There are no metal eyelets to irritate your skin.

This brace has a seamless construction on the underside of your foot with smooth finished edges. It is neoprene free and latex-free. The strapping system is simplified so it is easy to use and gives you all of the benefits of having your ankle taped as well as the adjustable flexibility you enjoy in a soft strap brace.

You get the benefits of taping your ankle with the side pulling stirrup straps. There are also crisscrossing side straps which are anti-slip and will help protect you from inversion and eversion ankle issues. You can adjust them any time you need to so you will prevent slippage and keep a tight fit. On top of that, there are finishing straps which lock down everything else and give you a clean finish.

This brace has a super-thin, very light profile which is comfortable to wear in shoes or even in cleats during competition. The brace is treated with an antimicrobial agent which protects it against odor, unsightly staining, and deterioration which could be caused by bacteria and microorganisms.

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