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Best Mini Exercise Bike UK

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Best Mini Exercise Bike UK 2020


This is a best mini exercise bike UK designed for use while sitting watching the TV. It also works on your arms when placed on a table. Feedback for this GymMate model has been excellent. It is quiet, has retractable legs and you can adjust the resistance level to suit your current fitness goals. You’ll need a rubber mat to get the best of it. This mini exerciser is ideal for those who want the benefits of an upright exercise bike, without the discomfort or space used. Check out the gallery of this mini exercise bike in action, along with the comments from previous buyers, over on this dedicated product page.

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Detailed Review of the GymMate Mini Exercise Bike

Compared to most machines in the home exercise bike category, this best mini exercise bike uk is compact. It looks like a box with pedals, with feet extending either side for stability. These stabilisers retract, reaching 78cms at full length, and 41cm when retracted. This is a plus point for this GymMate model. Looking at the comments of many similar machines, stability did seem to come up as an issue often.

Another unique aspect of these mini exercise bikes is that you can choose from a range of colours. If you look at the product page, you’ll see that the model demonstrating this machine changes the colour of her top to perfectly match the unit each time…. I suspect a little photoshop!

Overall, this weighs 10.5kgs. This compares well to the bigger exercise bikes, which are often 20+ Kgs. It is quiet, making it suitable for home or office use.

Resistance Levels and Electronic Display

The resistance is magnetic (which is smoother / more uniform that mechanical types). This is adjusted by turning a dial on the unit. One turn should be one ‘level’. You’ll find the lower levels very easy. Users getting fit for the first time, or returning from injury, will be able to start gently enough.

You’ll get an LCD monitor, which will track your progress. This calculates, distance, speed, time and calories.

What Previous Buyers Said About the GymMate Mini Exercise Bike?

Positive comments overall for this best mini exercise bike uk unit. The quietness comes in for praise in several comments, as does the comfort of sitting in your own chair (compared to on an upright bike).

One thing that repeated was that you need a rubber mat. If you put it on the carpet, then your pedalling will push it forward. You can solve this cheaply if you improvise, though a proper gym mat will not cost very much.

Several comments outline injuries and medical issues… some oversharing is there – though the message that this unit is good for starting rehab / fitness training is a positive one.

Wrapping Up – Mini-Bike or a Full Sized One?

These smaller floor-level exercise bikes are becoming more popular. I can see the appeal, you can sit in your regular chair and watch TV, while getting a workout. The big positive is those extra sessions. When you have an upright stationary bike, it can be hard to motivate yourself to get it out / go and get on. With a best mini exercise bike uk next to your sofa, you can be peddling away in seconds.

Keep in mind that you can also use the GymMate mini-exerciser for your arms. You simply need to stand it on a table and ‘pedal’ away.

Check out the colour choices and read the buyer feedback for yourself now over on this dedicated mini exercise bikes page.

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