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Medipeds Compression Socks Review 2020

The MediPeds Full Cushion Crew Socks is a funnel top sock that is non-binding and will reduce pressure on sensitive legs. The specialized Coolmax fabric will keep the moisture away from your skin so your feet will stay nice and dry. This sock has soft toe seams and cushion soles which will keep your feet comfortable and not irritated.

The Medipeds Men’s Full Cushion Crew is a full length, over the calf compression sock. It is made from Coolmax Cotton, which very effectively pulls moisture away from the skin, keeping your legs and feet dry and cool. The top of the sock features a mesh insert to increase the ventilation effect. Soft cushioning in the high impact areas such as the soles of the feet, ankle, and heel delivers a superior level of support and comfort.

The Medipeds Men’s Full Cushion Crew sock is constructed from a blend of 42% Coolmax Polyester, 37% Cotton, 18% Polyester, 2% Nylon and 1% Lycra. This combination makes for a very lightweight, reflexive sock that is ultra-comfortable to wear. It has built-in anti-odor and anti-static properties. This sock is sold as a triple pair, providing you with excellent value.

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