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The Budget Cross Trainer from JLL 8
Resistance Levels

Summary: The CT300 Elliptical from JLL is what I’d call ‘budget+’. Sure, you can find (slightly!) cheaper machines. What you would be compromising on is size, build quality and reputation. JLL build a lot of different machines – they are especially well known for exercise bikes. With solid feedback, a long feature list and that JLL service, I’m sure that the feedback from buyers on the CT300 cross trainer will continue to be positive.

You can see that feedback, the gallery (including close-ups) and check the latest price over on the JLL CT300 product page at

JLL® CT300 Home Luxury Elliptical Cross Trainer, 2019 Magnetic Cardio Workout with…

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Detailed Review of the JLL CT300 Elliptical
Cross Trainer

You’ll get a silver and grey cross trainer which measures 120cm x 61cm x 167cm. The height is standard across many models (those poles can’t be too short, or only small people could use them). It’s the length which makes the biggest difference.

In a commercial gym, ellipticals are big (think 180cm to 2 meters). Budget models are tiny – some only 1 meter long. At 1.2cm the JLL CT300 is a little bigger than many budget models, though not huge. There are wheels for moving it around by the way!

It weighs 35.9kgs – again, a little more
solid than many rivals. Max user weight is advised at 100kgs.

Some assembly is required. Every piece of
equipment that needs even a tiny bit of assembly gets people ‘crying’ in the
comments. This Elliptical is no exception, though most people said 30 mins to 1
hour and easy to do.

Spec of the JLL CT300 Elliptical Cross

This model comes with a 5.5kg flywheel. It
combines magnetic and belt resistance, which does help keep things quiet and
smooth. You’ll need to change the resistance manually by twisting a dial. This
is no different to any lower-priced elliptical. You can peddle both forwards
and backwards and have the choice of using the moving poles or holding the
stationary handlebars.

CT300 Electronic Console

You can see a zoomed-in picture of the
console over on the product page.

This is basic, though does cover all the
key information in big, clear numbers. You’ll get:

  • Revolutions per minute
  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Time
  • Temperature
  • Heart Rate (via sensors on the
  • Calories
  • Body Fat
  • Pulse Recovery

There are no pre-set programs for this
model, though the controls are simple to use via the buttons underneath the

In a big improvement over previous models,
there is a tablet holder available. Perfect for watching TV or listening to
music while you exercise.

Feedback: What Buyers Said About the CT300

Overall people were very happy with this
cross trainer. The word which appeared multiple times (I always check for
this!) was ‘value’.

Feedback on the CT300

As usual, lets look at the negative
reviews. One buyer complained that it was not as good as a cross-trainer he
used to own that costs more than twice as much…. Go figure that one! Some
people were grumpy about having to assemble things (standard!). One other lady
was working out the source of a ‘clank’ after 18 months… this is still being
resolved by JLL (one-star review was left of course…  I guess she expected the pope to visit the
very same day, bless her elliptical and have the clank disappear via divine

Positives are the overwhelming, mostly
short and generally say that the CT300 is indeed a basic home elliptical
trainer – though is great value for money.

Make sure you check the latest feedback for
yourself, this is always entertaining as well as informative.

Wrapping Up: How Does the JLL CT300 Compare
to Other Budget Home Ellipticals?

You’ll get a solid elliptical, bigger than
most of the budget range models, for a competitive price.

JLL have a great reputation for making
quiet, smooth fitness equipment that won’t break the bank. No, this won’t
compare with the kind of ellipticals you find in the gym. You’ll need to spend
around 5x the price of the CT300 to get close to that.

For those wanting a reliable way to work
out with a decent console and variable resistance, the JLL CT300 ticks all the
right boxes.

Check out the latest price for yourself (along with that entertaining feedback) on this dedicated product page now!

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