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Top 10 Gym Shoes for Every Type of Workout

The on Cloud sneaker is one that’s entirely unique in its category. It’s one of the most modern pairs of footwear on this list and since it’s not specifically designed for any sport, this makes it a gym asset. The look of it is sleek and humble, yet the technology behind all of its features is revolutionary in workout gear. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it’s definitely one worth looking into for overall performance and quick response time.

From the outside, this sneaker looks quite minimal. It’s not until you turn it around and flip it upside that you realize its design is truly innovative. While on isn’t a well-known brand when it’s up against Nike and Reebok, this sneaker deserves a chance to be seen. The triple combination of mesh, rubber, and synthetic materials make it a fairly lightweight option which, as we already know, is a great start to gym footwear. It’s highly flexible, which adds control and speed to its list of worthy attributes. Its comfort and the interior cushion is average, but it’s the sole of this sneaker that makes it a top-ten winner.

The bottom of the rubber outsole features a significant groove down the center that looks a bit odd but helps in the control and traction of the sneaker. With a bit of flexibility and space placed in smart locations, this sneaker is designed to adapt to various terrains as well as movements. This bottom flex fully matches the top flex, allowing the sneaker to not only adapt to different exercise movements, but to the wearer’s movements, specifically. In this sense, it’s a much more personal design than many others, allowing quite a bit of mobility for a wide range of people.

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