Best Workout Bands Reviewed in 2020

Truth be told, resistance bands are quite sturdy, lasting one to two years, or even more if you take care of them. This makes them a worthy investment, and a valuable fitness companion. We will now let you know a few tips and tricks that explain how you can extend the life of your bands even more, so you have even more time to work together. Take these tips to heart and follow them diligently and we are sure that you will use the bands for a long time.

If you want your band to last a really long time, switch to using two bands! This will reduce wear and tear damage, and doesn’t let the bands snap. When you use two bands instead of one, it will reduce the strain the bands feel when you work with them, because you won’t need to stretch one band so much, yet you will still get the same level of resistance.

Usually, bands come in a set, so it’s going to be easy for you to find the right combo of bands to use at the same time. If you want, you can even use three, four or even five bands at the same time, for extra protection. But some people don’t like handling more than one band at the time, and it really can be a hassle if you’re not used to it.

The bands may tangle and loop, and they can get torn this way too, so use two or more at the same time if you are already used to them. The good news is that more than one band will not create any issues for exercises performed with a band, and you can easily work with 10 bands at the same time if you like, the movement will be unchanged.

You don’t have to worry about your bands rusting over, that one’s for sure, but water damage is a real danger to your bands. Water can cause chemical changes at the top layer of the bands. This is because most of the bands are made out of rubber, which corrodes slowly over time when exposed to water. The colors can even start to fade over time, and your bands can develop white spots. This is when you should pay special attention to your bands when you use them, as they may be more prone to snapping. Keeping the bands dry shouldn’t be such a problem.

Most of the time, you won’t be in direct contact with the bands, and they will be protected from water and sweat with handles or clothing. Sometimes, your feet and hands might still come into direct contact with the bands. This happens when you need to stand on the band to keep it in place, or when you need to hold it tightly in your arms. The bands can even press against your torso and upper and lower body as you perform the exercises. So you must keep your body dry before actually getting down to business with the bands. Dry yourself off with a towel before grabbing the bands, and if you sweat during the exercises with the band, make sure to keep a towel nearby to dry off your skin and the band.

Growing attached to one certain band as time goes by and making it your favorite is normal, and it will most probably happen to you. The band could provide you with ideal tension and comfort, and this is simply why you must make sure to keep the band safe. Switch up the bands, use a different level of resistance, or use two, as we mentioned before. Do not stretch the bands too far! Usually, no exercise will require you to stretch the band out so much that it snaps. Just in case, you should not stretch the band more than two times its length!

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