Best Wool Socks Reviewed

It can be argued that shoes are the most indispensable apparel for an athlete. However, shoes won’t work in isolation, and you need the right socks to keep your feet comfortable, free from cracks, injuries, and bad odors. There’s no point in having the best running shoes in the world if your first point of contact is an issue.

Wool is a supper fabric that has a lot going for it, and so makes premium apparel. The wool comes from sheep, and the animal is adapted to varying types of environment. Imagine if the wool was not shorn before the hot summer months. Would the poor animal overheat? No.

It turns out that the thick wool lets the animal breathe and evaporate its sweat. The animal does not get sunburnt because the yarn is also a natural UV filter, better than most other commonly used fabrics. During winter, sheep grow the much-needed thick woolen fleece. Even water from snow or rain finds it hard to penetrate the cloth. If this supper fabric can keep sheep warm and cool as needs be, imagine what benefits you stand to gain from it.

As pertains to wool socks for running, you essentially want your feet warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s sweltering. You also want your feet to be dry regardless of the ambient weather conditions. Your shoes will probably take care of water outside, so you need to be worried about your sweat inside your shoe.

Fortunately, wool has excellent moisture-wicking properties and is breathable, as well. With dry feet, painful blisters are kept at bay. Wool is also antimicrobial because it has small threads where bacteria cannot multiply. With all that’s going for it, no wonder wool socks are all the rage for pro athletes.

If you’re looking forward to jumping into the big leagues, then the value is of prime importance. Sure, wool socks are quite expensive when compared to other fabrics. However, consider all the benefits you stand to gain like comfort, breathability, protection, and wick-ability. With a good quality pair, you might as well have saved some money, since wool is very durable. In essence, you get what you pay for.

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