Best Wide Running Shoes Reviewed and Rated

Nike is a brand that’s well-known and loved for its modern and effective designs. So how does the Air Zoom Pegasus stand up to wide feet? That’s the question we sought to answer. While simple, these Nikes are built for speed over anything else.

Upon first glance, the Air Zoom Pegasus sneakers look a bit funky. They’ve got wider than usual holes in the mesh that wraps around the upper portion of the sneaker, which looks strange but actually increases airflow. When it comes to running especially, a properly aerated sneaker is a luxury that many don’t realize until they have it. These larger perforations help air to circulate around the entire front-arch of the foot, allowing for more comfort and less stuffiness in the toe zone.

Additionally, this sneaker is designed to hug the foot. So while it’s a good option for those with wide feet, keep in mind that it is intended to have a more snug fit than most sneakers. That’s not to say it’s not roomy, however — the addition of Flywire cables in the design help to both support the sneakers while allowing some flex for those with wider foot size.

The sole of these Nikes has been imbued with Cushlon ST foam, helping to contour naturally to the foot while providing ground support. This padded foam also adapts quickly to changing movements without restricting the runner in any way.

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