Best Wide-Calf Compression Socks Reviewed

Rockay, A fairly young but hard-charging company, recently released this one with their new sock lines. The Vigor, initially intended for distance running, really does fill all the checkboxes for anything other reasons you might need or want compression socks for. The well designed graduated compression throughout the sock is super effective and will definitely help keep that precious blood flowing better.

One of the big issues we often find with compression products, especially socks, is that the fit tends to not be perfect for everyone. While there is no exact blueprint to go by when trying to make clothing 100% universal, as all bodies are not the same, some brands get it done better than others for sure. Rockay’s Vigor did better than most over the wider calves, giving a pretty consistent fit all around.

This is super important when it comes to this type of product, since the main point is to have it provide compression consistently applied throughout. These do just that. The midfoot area also has a little more support from the compression arch support designed into the socks. In all, these get it done well, which is why we popped them into the top of our list.

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