Best TENS Units Reviewed and Rated

The iReliev TENS Bundle is designed to give you a durable system with good quality, easy portability, and affordability. The factory where these are made is ISO-9001 certified. That means it conforms to international standards of manufacturing excellence. The iReliev is also cleared by the FDA to be used and sold over the counter. You can order this kit with confidence. It can help to give you temporary relief from the pain associated with sore muscles due to strain or sprain.

The iReliev pain relief system that gives you a drug-free and non-invasive way to handle pain. It produces pulses which are low-voltage and that wake-up nerve fibers to create a block of the pain signals to your brain. It may also help increase your natural endorphins which is the feel-good body chemical. This unit has functionality with dual channels and 8 therapy modes programmed into it. It works great for chronic or acute pain systems. It also has 25 levels of intensity which is much more powerful than most units of this size.

iReliev is one of the most popular TENS units available. It is affordable, portable, and effective. It has 8 modes which are preset and is easy to use. It is also quicker to navigate to whatever feature you are looking for. This unit is compact and completely portable, perfect for pain therapy on the go because it has a holster and belt clip. You can wear it work, while you are on the go or even just relaxing at home.

It also has some special features. There is a way to lock your settings while you are on the go so they do not get changed on accident. The unit comes with three non-rechargeable batteries. The digital LCD display is good sized and shows you program modes, the power level, your battery life, an adjustable timer, the level of intensity you have going for each channel, and a setting for auto-lock out. This system includes the device, batteries, two lead wires, electrode pads, a compact tote bag with a drawstring closure, a belt clip holder, instruction manual, and quick start guide.

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