Best Tennis Elbow Support Braces Reviewed

A tennis elbow brace is effective at promoting and facilitating the healing process. Compression braces, as long as they can be worn comfortably, will help increase blood flow and can help control your pain. There are several different kinds of elbow brace styles available:

A Tennis Elbow Strap, otherwise known as a forearm compression strap, is one of the most common types of tennis elbow braces available. They are adjustable to provide you with a better fit, and the variable compression is convenient, especially if you experience different levels of pain and need different amounts of pressure.

Tennis elbow straps also include an air pocket that is designed to align with your forearm muscle so that the pressure is hitting you at the right points. Tennis elbow straps will not limit your elbow mobility, they have customizable compression levels, and are made with a high-quality Velcro strap. Since they do not inhibit movement, however, they are not useful at keeping the injured elbow still to promote healing, and there is not heat retention.

Elbow Compression Sleeves are a more versatile option for tennis elbow and come in a variety of different sleeves that can offer you a different balance of compression, support, heat retention, as well as additional protection. The compression is mild to moderate and these tennis elbow braces can be worn for longer amounts of time and can help retain heat and induce blood flow to help reduce any elbow inflammation.

The compression sleeves can be worn overnight, they are made from breathable materials such as nylon and neoprene weave which makes them lighter and more comfortable, and they do retain heat to promote healing. However, compression sleeves are not adjustable, and they only provide you with a mild amount of support.

Adjustable Elbow Braces typically come equipped with straps and this type of brace will provide you with a full range of support. The straps are located on the upper arm and forearm and can be adjusted for customizable compression. They also retain heat to help reduce inflammation and are made of a comfortable and breathable material. However, these tennis elbow braces may inhibit your motion and can become warm and uncomfortable to wear for longer amounts of time.

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