Best Small Elliptical Machines in 2020

Though the Schwinn 411 is one of the priciest options of our top ten, we included it because it is compact and offers a good number of extra features that many will consider worth the extra money.

For starters, there are 16 resistance levels instead of the typical 13. The unit allows an 18-inch stride, where some of the smaller ellipticals on our list offer as little as a 13-inch stride. 18 inches is the stride length you would find in a commercial gym elliptical, and typically those machines start near the thousands and go up.

You can also use RunSocial, a mobile app, for virtual running with friends and for syncing your distance and other data provided by the Schwinn 411. RunSocial’s biggest draw is its virtual reality running experience, and you can do that with this compact elliptical. The unit offers 27 routes, spread out among 19 locations, so your runs don’t have to get stale or boring.

Heart rate sensors are in the handlebars, which can be stationary or can move along with your stride. The high contrast 5.5 inch LCD is streamlined for quick and efficient use.

While it is expensive, the Schwinn 411 elliptical machine is also convenient, with robust features and settings, creating an effective, challenging, and even fun workout. Schwinn portable elliptical stands behind this compact elliptical, offering a three-year warranty for the frame and 90 days on the other components.

If you are not sure about purchasing this product, check out the Schwinn 430 review, you might like that model more.

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