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Top 10 Best Protein Powder Supplements of 2020 – Reviews

The Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard is one of the best protein powder supplements on the market today. This formula offers 24 grams of whey protein with every serving along with 5.5 grams of BCAA’s and 4 grams of natural glutamine. Not only that but this supplement is completely gluten-free and formulated to enhance your body perfectly.

That said, we should point out that it is best consumed before or after a workout to help with muscle recovery. Last but not least, keep in mind that there are over 20 different flavors to choose from, which is definitely something to look for when buying protein powder.

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Protein Powder Guide

To get those great swells in the gym, protein powder is an essential part of your refueling, but what goes into a quality product? Because there are so many great options out there, it can be hard to tell which is right for you. Let’s not forget that there are also some potentially dangerous products that include harmful dosages of ingredients that can leave you itching, or a lot worse.

To help take the strain off what can be a confusing market, we have compiled this guide of what you should look for in a quality protein powder. That way, you can get the gains you want in the safest way.

What To Look For In a Protein Powder


A good protein powder is only as good as the ingredients it includes. we’ll cover this in more detail below but look for a product that is mostly protein and little else. Then, you can’t go wrong as long as the dosages are right. You want to know that your protein powder doesn’t have a long list of ingredients that you don’t need. This leads us to…


Because there is no point in including a quality ingredient, only to find out it is underdosed, a protein powder needs to ensure the dosages are useful. Get it wrong by including too much and it can lead to side effects that differ in their severity.

Artificial Flavors

This is what you don’t want to look for in a protein powder. Avoid anything that contains artificial flavors, colors, additives and just anything you don’t actually need for supporting muscle growth and recovery.


This might not seem like the most important trait to look for in a protein powder but don’t forget, they often come in large amounts so you want to know you are going to enjoy knocking it back after a killer session. Luckily, most brands have something for every taste which can range from the likes of Cookies and Cream, Fruit Punch, and many more.


The last thing you want is to purchase a good tasting protein powder, only for it to run out within a week. Find a brand that offers good value and plenty of scoops in every purchase. That way you’re never without it when you want to support the gains you’re making.

Protein Content

You will be surprised at how little protein some products actually give you per scoop. You don’t want to have to double scoop in order to get a worthy amount so look for something that has at least 20g in every scoop. Go above 30g and you might find yourself consuming too much in one go.

Low Calories

Because some protein powders are full of junk, their calorie content is way too high for you to consider purchasing their brand. Find a product that doesn’t undo a lot of the hard work you have put in at the gym by costing you calories every time you take a scoop.

Protein Powder Ingredients

First of all, make sure the source of protein is the first ingredient on the label. This way you know you are getting a lot of it, and everything that follows should be a small list of quality ingredients. Additional ingredients such as sugars and thickeners are best avoided but it can be hard to find a quality product that doesn’t use them. Hopefully, a combination of the following.


Amino acids and the like are going to be important in how your body particularly Leucine which helps to promote protein synthesis. Some protein powders that include the likes of Whey, or Casein might opt to avoid adding BCAA’s because they will already give you the benefits.


You want to find the best version which is protein isolate. This has a much higher protein content than the alternatives and when you purchase the likes of Whey or Casein which are made from milk, you’ll find that they are easily absorbed and great when used after a workout.


Some protein powders will include this in their ingredient profiles and if it does, you just might be onto a winner. Creatine is great because it provides energy to the muscles making it great both pre and post-workout. It doesn’t work in the same way for everyone but if it agrees with you, Creatine is great for building lean muscle mass and boosting your performance in the gym.

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