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Top 10 Best Pre Workout Supplements of 2020 – Reviews

In addition to its groundbreaking popularity, the Old School Labs’ Vintage Blast is a top-quality pre-workout supplement reputed as a pioneer of the 2-stage formula. Great for men and women alike, it is a natural energy powder drink that provides you with an unwavering energy delivery to help you power through your regimens without failure. The supplement’s formula boasts premium quality ingredients known to be safe for athletic, bodybuilding workouts but also for casual exercising and bulking up. Overall, it is perhaps one of the best pre-workout supplements the market has to offer right now, both in regards to its price and efficiency.

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What To Look For In A Pre-Workout Supplement

Most of you should know by now what a pre-workout supplement does, at least in principle. While some people still think that supplements are mostly aimed at bodybuilders, reception seems to have changed over these past few years. As such, nowadays the general public has a much better understanding of what supplements are supposed to do and how healthy they are. The main purpose of workout supplements is to help users achieve more during their workouts without experienced too much fatigue in the process. For your experience with supplements to be a positive one, you should perhaps figure out what type of supplements work best for you. You do that by first understanding what pre-workout supplements are all about.


The first thing you need to consider when buying workout supplements of any kind is what they’re made of. This is because each ingredient has a designated purpose and because a combination of the wrong ingredients may cause adverse reactions for some people. We aren’t talking just about allergies here, mind you, but rather about the impact that some formulas can have on the overall efficiency of the product itself. For the most part, pre-workout supplements can contain:

Caffeine – Many if not most pre-workout supplements contain caffeine, mostly for its capacity to provide a physical boost in most people. As a matter of fact, studies clearly show that caffeine increases people’s endurance and aids with the body’s short-term resource management. It was also proven time and time again that caffeine can help weight-lifters drastically improve their workload, a good enough reason for many supplements to incorporate formulas based on caffeine as a key ingredient.

Creatine – The purpose of creatine is to boost energy production inside the muscle cells and to draw fluids from the blood plasma into the skeletal. This way, people who use creatine get to use up more energy without the effects of dehydration that normally occur whenever one subjects their muscles to intense use. One notable side effect of creatine is that its benefits don’t really last for long, thus the need to use creatine-based products on a regular basis.

Niacin – Based on vitamin B, niacin is another key ingredient in pre-workout supplements, one that works by causing you to sweat. The main benefit of sweating properly is that it enables your body to cool down and to balance liquid distribution within the body. At the same time, niacin is tasked with improving blood flow close to the surface of the skin by widening the blood vessels so as to prevent the skin from taking any long-term damage.


While the ingredients themselves may provide some insight into what can be expected from a supplement, the exact formula usually tells a different story altogether. To be more precise, it is the percentages that you should be worried about because they generally dictate how effective each supplement is. If, for instance, you are looking for a quick-acting supplement, then opt for a heavily caffeinated product. On the other hand, if you are mainly looking to improve your gains in a sustained fashion, then, by all means, go for a creatine-based product.

Benefits Of Pre-Workout Supplements

  • Quick Results – The main benefit of using pre-workout supplements is that it helps you achieve more in a much faster time period. For instance, the same results you would otherwise get in a year without supplements can be achieved in a few months with a regular intake of supplements. As long as you do not abuse the supplements, you are bound to reach your workout goals in almost half the time it would take you without.
  • Faster Metabolism – Although the word ‘fast’ isn’t exactly suitable, it does explain what pre-workout supplements do in principle. You see, people with a particularly slow metabolism often have problems ingesting vitamins properly or at least not at an acceptable rate. What supplements do is to regulate vitamin intake and to draw energy from the digestive system and direct it to the workout session so as to maximize your gains.
  • Better Muscle Regeneration – Another key element of pre-workout supplements is their capacity to aid in the regeneration of your muscles. This is because people will sometimes damage their muscles to some extent when working out. Even if not serious enough to visit a doctor, the occasional strain or stretch can still cause quite a bit of discomfort. Supplements tend to help in this respect by speeding up your body’s muscle regeneration processes without causing any noticeable side-effects to speak of.

Using Pre-Workout Supplements

The perfect way to use pre-workout supplements is to ingest them about thirty minutes before your scheduled workout. This should give the ingredients plenty of time to enter your system for maximum efficiency. Delaying the workouts beyond that point is sure to decrease the benefits of the supplement whereas exercising within a shorter time frame means that your body will not have time to assimilate all its contents. On a related note, always make sure to take the right dosage and to do it regularly.

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