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Best Manual Treadmills

The Stamina InMotion manual treadmill is a lightweight model that provides you with two incline angle settings. These are at 8 and 10 percent to provide that extra level of challenge to your workout. The track surface on this machine is small, at just 12.5 inches by 41 inches. At just 50 pounds in total weight, this machine is even light in terms of manual treadmills. In terms of the five manual treadmills in this review, this one is the least sturdy. However, it does give you a relatively smooth running belt.

The key selling point of this machine is the low price point. Its other big bonus is its compactness and portability. However, its maximum weight capacity is just 225 pounds. This is another manual treadmill that is relatively simple to assemble. You should be able to do the job on your own in less than an hour.

The InMotion is the solution for you getting your gym workout in the comfort of your home. The two flywheels, which are weighted, offer you a nice, smooth exercise. The monitor keeps track of how far you walk, how fast, and for how long as well as how many calories you burned. The incline adjusts so you can make your workout more or less intense.

This treadmill is economical and lets you work out without the use of an electric motor. You set the pace and the Stamina InMotion provides a nice smooth walk or run. The fitness monitor tracks your progress and lets you focus on your exercising.

There are two incline positions available. They offer a good challenge while the padded rails give you support any time you need. Since there is no motor you will not need to worry about setting up next to a plug-in or maintaining the motor so you can use this machine anywhere.

The sturdy frame is made of steel and folds up small. The wheels make it easy to roll your treadmill into a corner or closet when you are not using it.

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