Best Gym Gloves for Weight Lifting in 2020

When weight lifting gloves were first created, they were made out of leather. Leather is a might material, as many shoe manufacturers already know, simply because it can withstand years and years of use, and come out stronger than it was. It is all thanks to your skin, or specifically, thanks to the oil found on your skin. When you exercise, the oils secreted by your skin are absorbed by the leather, making it supple and soft. Leather also stretches quite nicely, and molds to the shape of your hands, which made it the most popular glove material.

As time went by, leather was slowly but surely forgotten. Yes, it is great, but it’s natural, and all-natural things degrade over time. It also wasn’t so breathable, trapping in heat and making you sweat beyond belief. Lucky for us, technology advanced, and soon enough, we had a myriad of new fibers to test out. It was when gloves made out of Neoprene or Nylon started to appear, boasting improved durability and strength. Nylon did not last for a long time though – even though it was very breathable and light, it simply didn’t offer a good grip since it was too slippery. It lacked grip inside as well, causing blisters and friction burn.

Today, most of the gloves are made out of Neoprene. It is a synthetic material, most commonly used to create wetsuits. Neoprene hugs your skin nicely, and molds to the shape of your hands, giving you a snug fit. Neoprene is also on the thicker side, so it gives you padding without any cushioning added in. It can wick away moisture too, keeping your hands dry and odor-free. Since it’s washing machine-friendly, you can pop it in for a quick dry, and they’ll be good as new, making the material easy to maintain. The only drawback here is the latex fiber found inside – if you are allergic to it, you won’t be able to use Neoprene gloves!

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