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Best Cheap Running Shoes in 2020 – Reviews

This is the sort of shoe that will make any runner feel great. In terms of cheap running shoes, it offers excellent value for money as they are some of the most comfortable available thanks to the layer of supportive foam. This is also what makes them great for takeoffs – pushing you off the ground to keep you light on your feet. With breathable meshing, they won’t cause you to sweat and the leather sections help to make them feel secure. The EVA sock liner ensures they stay comfortable even after you’ve racked up hundreds of miles. They’re only available in a handful of styles but each one is a winner.

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Cheap Running Shoe Guide

With so many brands producing quality footwear to suit every budget, there are some excellent cheap running shoes to choose from. The problem is, the lower your budget, the more you have to know about a product to make sure you are still getting good value.

Below is a list of all the things you should look for in a running shoe, whether they are cheap or expensive, they should last a long time and help you to keep going when the track gets tough.

What To Look For In A Cheap Running Shoe


Even cheap running shoes should last a long time but one issue many people have is finding a product that can withstand daily use, and last more than a few months. With a quality outsole, a running shoe has better protection so this is one of the first things to look for. On top of that, durable materials are important and although it is breathable, meshing covering the whole upper isn’t always the best in terms of durability.

Reliable stitching and a good midsole will ensure you get a lot of mileage out of your choice of running shoe.


Although looks are not the most important in terms of making your shoes last, they are the first thing a lot of people notice. If appearance is high on your list then it should be reassuring to know that most cheap running shoes come in a variety of colors and designs to suit a lot of tastes.

Added Technology

Just because you are looking for cheap running shoes, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on brand-specific technology. Adidas includes their cloudfoam technology that increases comfort in their budget running shoes. Some brands have specially designed midsoles and unique meshing fabric to enhance the quality of their trainers. Most of the time they will draw your attention to the unique attributes of all their products, and that includes the cheaper shoes.


This should be high on your list of priorities when looking at cheaper running shoes and if you find a product that has reinforced heel support and a quality midsole, they are going to make those lonely miles comfortable. A thick outsole is often an indication of good padding and some running shoes hug the foot to make it feel secure when running.


This is important for many reasons, starting with comfort. Mentioned above, but if your feet sweat excessively your running shoes are going to become very painful to wear. Breathable meshing is popular as it keeps your feet cool and can prevent odors.


Of course, this is going to be a major factor in the type of running shoe you can afford. If you are not going to be using them too often, you still want to find a running shoe that is going to be comfortable. The problem is with buying cheaper running shoes is they don’t always last long and you end up having to buy another pair. This is why you should try and make a sensible purchase first time. All of the running shoes on our list are around the $50 mark which is considered affordable in most quarters.

Other Things To Look For In A Cheap Running Shoe


You need to make sure your feet feel secure as you step and when running on different terrains, the grip of the rubber sole should give you the confidence to keep going. It can be the difference between racking up the miles and getting an injury.

Shock Absorption

Your running shoes are all that are keeping your bare feet from the ground so you need them to have a good amount of padding and shock absorption. Not only will this prevent injuries, but it will help to keep going and allow you to run for longer. The level of sole support will go a long way towards how far you can go.

Quality Toebox

This is where the durability is often enhanced as when the toebox is not reinforced, your running shoes won’t last long. thankfully most quality products have thought of this and stop your from feeling the impact when stubbing your toes. There should be a good amount of room at the toe, including an adequate width that doesn’t rub.

Removable Sockliner

This isn’t going to be important for everyone, but for those who require an orthotic sock liner, make sure you find a cheap running shoe that has a removable sock liner. When you can get the right fit and support you need, running isn’t so much of a chore.


Everyone has different tastes when it comes to running shoes, but there are some things we can all agree on. Durability and comfort and vital if you don’t want to be looking for another pair of shoes in a couple of months.

Remember that most products come in all sorts of colors so if you find the pair you like in your budget, you will probably be able to find the style as well. With so many top brands to pick from, cheap running shoes doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality.

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