Best Bluetooth Earbuds Under $50 of 2020 – Reviews

Delivering crystal clear audio thanks to CVC 6.0 technology built-into it, these workout headphones can be enjoyed by just about any audiophile. It has an integrated Bluetooth 4.1 CSR chip that allows it to easily pair with compatible Bluetooth devices such as tablets, smartphones and other types of devices. These earbud’s headphones can provide up to 6-hours of music at a time, or can stand in standby mode for up to 100-hours. And since it only takes about 1-1/2 hours, then it can be recharged quickly and ready to go in no time flat. This product is also sweat proof up to the IPX7 standard, so the wearer won’t blow it up during intense workouts.

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A Guide To The Best Bluetooth Earbuds Under $50

It’s one thing to find the best Bluetooth earbuds when one doesn’t have to worry about a pesky budget, but it can be quite another thing to find a great pair of these earbuds under $50. In many cases, the consumer is either going to have to forgo some of the features they would expect to find on high-end earbuds, or have to put up with lower sound quality. Both of these situations means that the consumer is probably going to have to sacrifice something to find models in this price range. It’s not fair, but it’s just the way it is.

With that being said, however, consumers might not have to sacrifice as many features as they would expect to have to sacrifice. It is reasonable to expect that a pretty decent pair of earbuds can be bought at this price range, even if they’re not going to have all of the features as high-end models. In fact, to show our readers just how close a person can come to buying luxury earbuds without paying a luxury price, we decided to write some tips on buying a pair of these Bluetooth earbuds. Now that the introduction to this guide has been made, let’s jump into the substance of it and find out how a person can buy the best Bluetooth earbuds for under $50.

Consider The Device’s Bluetooth Range

The first thing that needs to be thought about seriously is how much of a range the Bluetooth earbuds have. Since most earbuds now conform to the V5.0 or higher standard, it isn’t too difficult to find a pair of earbuds that get a range of over 30-feet, but the consumer still has to be careful. There are still quite a few earbuds in this price range that don’t conform to newer Bluetooth standards, so the consumer should always pay close attention to any earbuds they’re thinking about buying. That way, they’ll ensure that they will buy a model that has a decent range.

It’s Time To Think About Battery Life

It’s also a good idea to think about the battery life of the earbuds. Once upon a time, all of the earbuds in this price range had pretty short battery life, and if you wanted to find a pair of earbuds that actually held a charge long enough for it to be useful, then the consumer had to lay down some serious coin. Fortunately, things have taken a turn for the better and now consumers can easily find a pair of headphones in this price range with a decent charge. At the very minimum, the consumer should be able to find a pair of earbuds with a 10 to 15-hour charge, but during our research, we found plenty of models with a 30+ hour battery life.

Let’s Consider Charging Cases 

Another thing that can now be found bundled with newer Bluetooth earbuds is charging cases. This is a rather new development that wasn’t on earbuds in this price range even as little as a year ago. Fortunately, for everyone who needs a pair of Bluetooth earbuds they now are, so if a person needs a charging case, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t buy a set that comes with one. It’s the perfect way to charge the earbuds while they’re safely stored away.

Sweat Resistant Earbuds

Another thing that consumers should think about when choosing a new pair of earphones is to make sure that they’re either water-resistant or even better, that they’re waterproof. This is especially important if the consumer expects to be using them while jogging or working out at the gym. The consumer should look for models that conform to either the IPX6 or IPX7 waterproof standard. However, if the consumer doesn’t feel that they need waterproof earbuds, because they intend to only use them around the house or something like that, then they shouldn’t feel pressured to buy a waterproof model if they don’t want to.

The Ability To Connect To Multiple Devices

The last thing that the consumer should consider before buying their next pair of earbuds is to make sure that it’s capable of connecting to multiple devices. That allows the user to easily connect it to multiple stereos, their smartphone, their tablet and other devices they may need a pair of earbuds for. Of course, if a person doesn’t have multiple devices to connect the earbuds to, they can just forget about searching for this feature, but for everyone else, it’s quite useful for them to buy earbuds with multiple connection options.

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