Best ASO Ankle Stabilizers Reviewed and Rated

If you ever suffered from an ankle injury that was a bit more serious than a mild ankle sprain, then you’re probably familiar with ankle braces. Ankle braces support your joints, the muscles surrounding them and every inch of tissues between them. This, in turn, prevents injuries and helps them heal faster. Braces are great both for the purpose of healing an injury and for helping sports performance, you just need to make sure that you got the right model for your needs.

Ankle braces became popular around the 1990s. The reason why is simple – their design was brilliant, and they were much more convenient than the kinesiology tapes available then. Today, there are a lot of different ankle brace that can be worn to enhance the performance of volleyball, running, basketball, and everything else in between, while other styles help your injuries heal faster, just like we mentioned earlier. Although the ASO ankle support won’t make an injury less severe, if it occurs, it will make the possibility of an injury even occurring minuscule. If you already have an injury, wear the ASO ankle brace to help it heal faster and better.

The ankle is constructed out of the joint, the bones around it, the muscles that support the motions, and the tissues between them, like the tendons and ligaments, and they all make walking and running or walking one smooth and effortless motion. All of this is then connected to your knees and hips, and they all work together in unison and you do not even get to think about what happens when you just move your leg. The ankle brace is there to help this machine work even smoother. When an ankle sprain occurs though, it can happen two ways – by twisting your foot inward or outward. Most ankle injuries happen because of inversions, and these injuries damage your tendons and ligaments, and sometimes even the bones. Eversions, on the other hand, hurt your muscles more. This is the reason why you need a different model of the ankle brace to promote healing. Just slap the ASO brace around your ankle, put your shoes on, and go about your day like nothing even happened! Just make sure to rest if your physician advised you to do so!

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