Best Ankle Brace After Sprain Injury

What ankle braces are made out of says a lot about them. The material choice affects breathability, the fit, support, durability, compression, and many more factors that all play a role in your healing process. Ankle braces which have low to almost no air permeability will not be helpful, because they will promote sweating and bad odors, and you might want to stop wearing them which is a bad idea if you’re injured. The brace will not fit you well, nor will it compress your injury at all. And lastly, the brace won’t be able to withstand constant wear and tear damage and it might fail you before you’re healthy, and that is the last thing you need!

Most of the times, ankle braces are made out of nylon, spandex, polyester or neoprene, although more material choices can be seen. These materials are usually mixed together in ways unique to every brand, and they all claim that their blend is the best. We can’t certainly know which one truly is the best, but we can tell you what you need to look out for. First, remember that every material we mentioned here is synthetic, or man-made, and they are all derived from plastic, in one way or another. This does not make them inherently bad, and do not be afraid to wear it around your ankles! Plastic can be manipulated in many ways, and you can see that by noticing how different these materials act even though their source is the same. Nylon is light and stretchy, but not so durable, which is why it needs the help of polyester or spandex. Spandex is extremely stretchy and compressive, and it’s the one which provides you with lightweight support. Neoprene is firm and supportive, and very durable, but it does not breathe all that well, so it can’t work great alone. This is why you must always look for a good material blend. Some braces have plastic or even metal element. These hardcore braces are made to help you with moderate and severe injuries. These materials will make the braces heavier, but you won’t exactly need to jump and run while having them on so don’t worry about that!

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