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Best Air Bikes Reviewed in 2020

The air bike claims to work on both your upper and lower body and is sometimes regarded as the only tool needed to keep you in your prime. But how truly effective is an air bike?

First things first, let’s discuss what actually happens to your body while you ride the bike. Anytime you work out, your body will produce waste. As you exercise, you will start to lose energy, and to make up for it your body will start to break down glucose in order to keep you going. An air bike will push you into intense exercising, and you won’t have enough oxygen to break down the glucose, so your body creates lactate to compensate for it. But the lactate or lactic acid can build up in your bloodstream faster than your body can burn it off. When this happens, the extra lactate will migrate to your rested muscles to disperse there. But when you sit on an air bike, you will be working on your whole body, and the lactic acid will have nowhere to go. The air bike is ideally designed to tire down your whole body!

If you want to effectively use the bike, you can make some smart decision with which you can exploit the bike to its full potential. The first decision you have to make is your pacing. After you pedal for a bit, you will start to realize what pace is sustainable for one minute, two minutes and so on and so forth. If you go out all at once on the bike, you will get tired very quickly and won’t progress, since you won’t actually spend enough time on the bike. Find what pace works the best for you, and you will definitely get your money’s worth.

One more thing you should always do is use both your legs and arms unless you have a reason not to. As you start to tire down, you might think it’s a good idea to give your arms or legs a rest, as you work on only one part of your body. But no matter what you do, fatigue will catch up on you so it’s better to just use all of your muscles for maximum benefits. One thing you certainly should do is put your hands above your head. You can compare this to running with your hands above your head – it makes no sense! You will lose much more energy this way because of the bad posture, and as a result, your legs need to work much harder in order to achieve less work! Use both your arms and your legs and your posture will be good, and your results as well.

This brings us to the final thing we should mention if you want to use an air bike effectively. You must maintain proper posture while you ride the bike. We all probably leaned forward or to the sides when we rode the bike, either because we are uncomfortable or are looking for some way to give our body a break. This is okay if you are sprinting on the bike since you will be moving much more anyway. But if you want to ride for a longer time, you have to sit upright. This allows us to ride in a safe and efficient manner.

Something that an air bike can certainly do is push you into the HIIT region of training. This is simply because the air bike works on your whole body instead of on just your legs. It does this simply by using the resistance from the air fan, and as an added bonus the cool air that the fan expels cools you down and keeps you safe from overheating!

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