Best 2XU Compression Socks Reviewed

The very first thing you’ve got to make sure is right when you first buy your compression socks is the fit. Compression socks will feel tighter than your regular socks, especially around your feet. The fit will be looser around your legs, usually, although the compression rate can be high around your legs as well.

The standard fit for compression socks does not exist, so your best bet is to use a ruler. You will need to measure your legs and feet around several areas, like your calves, ankles, thighs, and even the distance from your knees to the floor. The length of the compression socks you will be buying will depend on what will you use the socks for. Usually, knee-high socks are much comfier than thigh-high socks, or ankle socks. If you are using the socks to work out, and you probably are, your best option is the knee-high sock, and then if you need more or less compression, you can change the length. If you are getting the socks for a medical reason, your doctor will know what length you need the best. You should also wear them all the time, first thing in the morning throughout the whole day, taking them off when you take a bath or go to sleep.

Sometimes, even getting the socks on can be a problem. They are very tight and even firm, so you might have issues pulling your leg through. If you struggle, we will tell you a few easy tricks you can try to put them on. Make sure that you hand wash the socks before you wear them. It will make the socks more flexible and easier to put on. You can even buy a second pair to wear while you wash and dry the first one, so you always have a clean pair on your hands. If you have any open wounds, make sure that you put dressing on them before putting on the socks. Keep the socks by your bed! This way you can put the socks on as soon as you wake up, because putting them on early in the morning before any swelling occurs will be the easiest way, and you will also prevent swelling from even happening. Before you attempt to put the socks on, sit on the chair with a back, so you have something to lean on. Hold the top of the sock in one hand, and then push your other hand through the sock all the way in and grab the toe area. Once you grab the toes firmly, pull your hand back and flip the sock inside out, but leave the tips of your fingers in the toe area. Put your toes where your fingers are now, and then roll the heel area over your heels. Then gently and carefully slide the rest of the socks over the rest of your legs. Make sure not to pull on the top! It can tear the socks open.

If you still have trouble putting them on, put rubber gloves on your hands, and then try to pull them on. You can try putting talcum powder or silicone gel on your legs to lower the friction. Do not apply lotion before putting your compression socks on, since the extra moisture can make it challenging to pull the socks on. If you still have trouble, the compression socks you bought might be a bit on the smaller side, and you might want to look into purchasing a larger size.

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