Advanced Ab Toning Belt by Ab Flex Review

Summary: You only need to look at the number of buyers leaving delighted feedback for the Ab Flex toning belt to see how effective it can be. This belt uses EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) to tighten your abs. The effects are visible within a week for many users. This is not a ‘magic pill’, you’ll still need to eat sensibly and burn off excess fat to get the real benefits. The Advanced Ab Toning Belt from Flex has a generous discount at the time of writing over at Check this dedicated product page for the latest deals and full spec.

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Detailed Review of the Advanced Ab Toning Belt by Ab Flex

Ab toning belts work by delivering electronic muscle simulation (EMS), this sends micro-currents into your muscles, causing them to contract and relax multiple times a minute. These belts work, tightening up your muscles. What they do not do is burn excess fat, or get you fit (you’ll need to do that part yourself). If you have any lingering doubts as to the effectiveness of EMS, then check the comments from previous buyers for the Flex Advanced, or any other similar item… they work!

What you’ll get with the Ab Flex Advanced is a pad system and a control unit. The big positive of this unit, compared to the rival Slendertone (or cheaper knock-offs) is that you will not need replacement pads. These contain the electrodes which put the current into your muscles. It is battery operated, so you can move around without being ‘plugged in’ to the mains. You get to control the intensity via the hand-held unit which comes with it. Just a personal opinion – though I felt this item looked better overall compared to the Slendertone abs belts.

Feedback on the Ab Flex Toning BeltsAb Flex: What Buyers Said

The number of 5 star reviews compared to any other number is surprising enough. When you then look at the number of 1 star reviews, at less than 1% of the total at the time of writing – then you have to say this is a popular product. There is a large sample size too.

Through the comments there is a theme of ‘mild shock’… A lot of comments start with people stating lower expectations, and then being really happy when they saw / felt the results! Many buyers of the Ab Flex Advanced noted that this is easy to use, It was also easy to get set up initially. There was one mention of needing to twist too far to reach the clip, though this probably depends on your shape and size. I noticed that it was not just people trying to lose weight who bought this. Some with ‘athletic tone’, use it for extra tightening.

Conclusion / Other Choices

Ab toners won’t work on their own, as you’ll need to exercise to rid yourself from excess fat. Though the Ab Flex belt will certainly tighten those muscles and help you look more toned. With adjustable intensities over ten settings, you’ll certainly benefit from using this belt. If you have any lingering doubts, the comments from previous buyers will soon put them to rest! Check out the spec, comments and the latest discount on this dedicated product page now.

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