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Abs Rocket Chair Review

Abs Rocket Chair Abdominal Fitness Multi 6 Gym Trainer Exerciser Crunches Machine...

Abs Rocket Chair Abdominal Fitness Multi 6 Gym Trainer Exerciser Crunches Machine…

Detailed Review of the Abs Rocket Chair

When you first see this unit, it looks complex. It is a padded chair with sprung back rest, and handles where you hook your feet to get the resistance. There are elasticated bands, which you can use in yet more exercises. In total, the unit weighs in at a reasonable 14kgs.

One big advantage compared to other abs benches is that this unit comes ‘70% pre-assembled’. You just need to attach the main pieces together (an Allen key is supplied) and you are good to go. While a lot of home fitness equipment gets complaints about complex assembly – this unit did not.

You will get a DVD with the Abs Rocket Chair, which explains the main uses. You focus on different parts of your abs, core and obliques by sitting in different positions. Once you get started with the exercises, you’ll find yourself less reliant on the sprung back – and once again ready to use your full body weight to get the maximum benefits.

This unit does not use any electronics, which keeps the cost low. It can be folded down between uses. This is a big plus compared to other similar models, which can end up in ‘clothes rack’ mode after taking up a lot of space.

What Buyers Said About the Abs Rocket Chair?

Most of the reviews (at the time of writing this page) were either 4 or 5 stars. This model has a solid overall rating, especially for a piece of equipment in this budget price range.

The fact that it was easy to put together was explicitly mentioned by several commenters. The word ‘sturdy’ and ‘study enough’ are also used several times. This is again good news – at the budget fitness equipment level you will often find flimsy products.

One thing I can’t find in the amazon.com products is whether anyone saw results. This probably varies – and would involve effort after the initial newness of having this machine has worn off. The DVD quality was mentioned as a negative by some commenters. One did note that there are some YouTube videos which do a better job of explaining how to do the different exercises.

I’d like to see some more comments accumulate before making any more definitive statements. For now, things look positive – especially when you consider this abs and core exerciser is in the lower price bracket for its category.

Wrap Up and Next Steps

The low price tag, versatility and easy last-mile assembly are the key benefits of this abs exerciser chair. If you could do with a tighter core, then this makes a smart alternative to the WonderCore or other more expensive single-focus machines.

Buying this Abs Rocket Chair alone will not give you that flat tummy or 6 pack… you’ll need to be disciplined enough to use the different exercises. At least when you have the Abs Rocket Chair in your home – you’ll have no further excuses!

Check out the gallery and see the feedback from other buyers for yourself on this dedicated page over at www.amazon.com now!

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