9 Best Watches Under $100 in 2020 – Reviews

If one thing is certain, it’s the fact that this Fossil Men’s Grant Blue & Silvertone watch is a fine looking watch suitable for any occasion. It has a 44mm stainless steel case and a beautiful blue dial that looks good all of the time. It’s also equipped with a quality leather band and has pure quartz chronograph movement. And while all of those features are nice when they’re found on a watch, the real beauty of this model is that is really holds up to daily wear. It’s extremely durable and is water resistant up to 50-meters. It’s a watch that’s made with both durability and style in mind.

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How To Buy A Cheap Watch

Okay, we probably shouldn’t call this guide “How To Buy A Cheap Watch” because we are going to be discussing the features found on inexpensive watches and not cheap ones. What’s the difference? Well, the difference is quite simple. Cheap watches are the plastic ones that you buy, wear for a few months and then either throw away or toss in a drawer. They don’t cost much, but they aren’t worth very much either. On the other hand, inexpensive watches are watches under $100 that might not costs as much as designed watches but also look good, and above all else, they perform well.

When a person is buying a low-cost watch, it’s important that they keep a few things in mind. They should not only consider their style and how the product will look on their arm, but they should also consider a few other features as well. To help our readers find the best watches available, we’ve decided to discuss some of the basic features everyone should look for when they’re buying a new watch.

The Watch Crystal

The first thing to consider is the watch crystal. This is literally the piece that you look through to see the hands on the watch. In higher-priced models, these are usually made of sapphire glass crystals—but that can make the watch more expensive than what most people who are reading this guide will want to buy. A good second option for a budget watch is mineral glass. This material won’t scratch like the acrylic crystals found on really cheap watches, and it holds ups quite well without needlessly inflating the cost of the watch.

The Watch’s Movement

The next thing to consider is the watch’s movement. The movement is what makes the watch keep track of seconds, minutes and hours. A watch with a smooth movement will always keep good time and won’t have a tendency to fall behind or move ahead as some cheap models do. When looking at watches, consider a watch with a quartz movement—such as a Miyota movement.

Water Resistance

Water resistance is another thing to consider. It’s best to get a wristwatch that’s water resistant that one that’s not. Now, I can hear a lot of people saying about now that they aren’t planning or swimming or snorkeling with their wristwatch, so why should they worry about getting a water-resistant watch. Sure, that’s one way to look at it, and no one should feel compelled to buy a weather resistant watch model. However, it will generally benefit the wearer in the long run to have a wristwatch that’s resistant to water. That’s because if a watch is resistant to water up to 50-meters (or 100-meters as is the case with some watch models), then you can rest assured that it’s going to be resistant to that heavy downpour of rain that you may one day find yourself in.

The Watch’s Band

The watch band is the next thing to examine. Be sure to buy a watch that has a durable band for it. Choose one that’s either made from steel or out of leather. It’s important to choose a watch with a quality band because it not only informs you that the band is durable, but it will also inform you of the quality of the watch itself. If the makers of the watch aren’t willing to put a quality band on their watch, then they have likely skimped in other areas as well. So, it’s always a good idea to make sure any prospective watch has a nice band on it.

Avoid Designer Watches When Possible

Watches in the $100 and under price range have to walk a fine line. On one hand, they have to be made with quality materials and not only have to look good but also function well. On the other hand, the company that manufactures them need to make a profit off of pretty thin margins. And since they need to make a profit, they either have to inflate the price over $100 or just end up using inferior materials.

Many designer watch companies simply want to throw their name on a cheap watch to bring more recognition to their brand or to make a quick buck. And that’s the reason why they should be avoided at all costs. Although there may be exceptions to this rule, there’s not many. Concentrate on buying a watch from a company that focuses on making watches, and let the design houses sell perfume or fashion accessories to the masses. Then you can be assured that you’re buying a watch that will provide you with the services you need.

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