10 Fitness Books That Can Improve Your Life

A highly recommended book, Starting Strength will walk you through some of the most basic to the most technical steps on your way to achieving a lean, fit body. It is a weightlifting staple, which means you should not be surprised to sit next to someone going through the pages while seated on the gym bench.

Like our first pick, this book is suitable for people from all walks of life. While the rigorous exercises are run-of-the-mill for young people, even the elderly individuals keen on getting fit shouldn’t have any difficulties using it. So regardless of your body size, gender or age, it is time to get stronger, sexier, and fit.

Arguably one of the best and most useful books pertaining to fitness to ever hit the market, Starting Strength provides the fitness enthusiast with an exercise routine that is simple, logical, and practical. The trifecta factors make strength training a less strenuous and enjoyable engagement. This book takes things a step further by presenting with significantly improved and expanded exercises. You will also benefit from its useful biomechanical analyses.

Most elderly and novice fitness aficionados usually give barbell training a wide berth. What with the exercise’s record of injuries. Thanks to Starting Strength though, irrespective of your age and fitness status, you’ll be confident to give barbell training a go as the book offers useful insights and detailed instructions on virtually all aspects of the exercise.

Follow the instruction to the latter and soon enough you’ll be carrying the main compounds lifts using the barbell. You’ll be squatting, pressing, deadlifting, bench pressing, and powering clean without second-guessing yourself. And the best part is that the Starting Strength contains photographic illustrations and the attendant biomechanics.

If you are looking for a book about fitness with concise, logically, and practical explanations on barbell training, Starting Strength is it.

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