10 Best Tonneau Covers in 2020 – Reviews

Featuring a lightweight aluminum frame, the Tyger Auto 6.5 Foot Top T3 Soft Tri-Fold Truck Tonneau Cover is extremely easy to install and is crafted with a foldable design. It features a dual-coated Marine grade vinyl that is resistant to all types of weather conditions and is impressively durable. Thanks to the pre-assembled crossbars, this cover can be installed within minutes and requires no special tools or hardware. There is no need to drill holes in the bed of the truck with this cover as the stainless steel clamps can be attached to the side rails of the truck.

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Tonneau Covers Buying Guide

A lot of things need to be considered when buying a Tonneau cover, starting from the type, size, fit, pattern, and durability, all the way up to aesthetics and price tag. Still, as long as you know exactly what to expect from such a cover, you are bound to find one that best suits your needs. We say this because the market has quite a lot to offer in that regard, a diversity of choice that guarantees you’ll find a decent model eventually, as long as you practice patience and you take your time choosing. That said, let us find out more about what constitutes a decent Tonneau cover and what to look for when buying one.


As you may already be aware, Tonneau covers can differ in regard to their installation. We’re not just talking here about the installation process itself but also about the tools you may be required to use when setting up the cover. Fortunately for you, most covers can be installed straight out of the box with minimal effort on the user’s part. In fact, it is very common for reputable brands to include not only thorough installation instructions with the cover but a handful of useful gadgets as well.


It is very important for a Tonneau cover to fully secure your cargo at all times. For this reason, you should make sure that the cover you plan on buying fully fits your car model and the exact specifications of your truck. This way, you ensure that your cargo will be well protected and safe from damage caused by bumps in the road. Not just that but a decent cover is also guaranteed to reduce the environmental damage most cars take over time from natural causes.

Weather Resistance

Speaking of natural causes, a good cover should also be able to withstand a great deal of abuse before showing any signs of damage. Whether we’re talking about environmental factors like wind, snow, and rain, or any artificial damage the car might be vulnerable to, you definitely want a cover that delivers a great standard of protection. If you can, look for a cover that boasts plenty of extra security features like reinforced stitchings and bonding, or even a double layer exterior.


The overall weight of a Tonneau cover can definitely impact your car’s stability to some extent, especially if the cover is made from particularly heavy materials. It isn’t just the fact that it may slow down your car’s pull that should worry you but also the flexibility concern. When you think about it, you surely want a cover that you can remove with relative ease whenever the situation demands it. Furthermore, a lightweight cover is also a lot easier to store than a heavy one.


One thing to remember when buying a Tonneau cover is that build quality and mainly the construction type plays a very important role in how the cover behaves. You have to understand that a sturdy and well-fitted cover will force air to flow towards the back of your truck, whereas a ‘naked’ truck bed will hamper airflow to the point where it visibly slows down your car. It is for this reason that you want to invest in a cover that is both light in weight yet sturdy by construction.

Types Of Tonneau Covers

Although they all serve roughly the same purpose, Tonneau covers can differ from one another on account of their design, build quality, weight, size, and structural form. Needless to say, the choice should always come down to which model would best suit your truck and whether it boasts a practical design to boot. In this respect, the market has quite a lot to offer at this point in time, both in regard to sturdiness and general aesthetics.

  • Rollup Covers – These covers, as the name suggests, can be used to cover the truck bed in its entirety as quickly as possible. Given its flexibility, this cover can also be rolled shut in a timely fashion, many thanks to its practical design. We should point out that rollup covers can be both soft or hard depending on a series of criteria. Among them, soft rollup covers seem to be the more popular model nowadays, partly because of how inexpensive and easy to install they are.
  • Retractable Covers – With folding covers, you get an installation system that allows the cover to provide a sturdy and reliable cover for your truck bed. At the same time, these covers stand out through their high-end durability, the type that rollup covers rarely provide. It should be said that retractable covers are similar to retractable versions in more ways than one, but that they clearly offer much better resistance against the elements and blunt impacts.
  • Folding Covers – Benefitting from a trifold system, folding covers can either be made from soft or hard materials. For the most part, these covers use aluminum frames to reinforce the folding panels of the cover which are commonly made of vinyl or anything similar. As such, these covers depend on aluminum panels to maintain their structural integrity, panels that may or may not require some extra effort on your part during the installation process.
  • Single-piece Hinged Covers – These are without a doubt, the most desirable covers a truck owner can possess in terms of absolute security. We say this because they involve no folds or seams that may eventually give way to dirt or moisture in the long run. Instead, this cover type is engineered to provide adequate cover in the form of a single piece. Rigid yet highly reliable, these covers transform the overall look of your truck while providing you with a much higher standard of strength and protection for your cargo.

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