10 Best Swim Goggles in 2020 – Reviews

When you choose the Aegend Swim Goggles, you get the best in terms of protection, comfort, and performance. The frame is made from silicone which makes it extremely comfortable to wear for long periods of time. An improved nosepiece makes it easier to wear without leaving marks on your nose while the inner lenses have anti-fog protection which enables you to see clearly while swimming. Also worth mentioning is the construction, one that boasts premium silicone to keep water out and to enhance your vision considerably. Last but not least, these goggles are great for outdoor use as they have 100% UV protection.

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Swim Goggles Buying Guide

A good way to make sure that you’re getting the right quality whenever you’re shopping for protective gear of any kind is to do your homework properly. For instance, you need to understand that among high-end swim goggles, it usually comes down to personal preference more than anything. This is because, past a certain point, swim goggles can be expected to deliver roughly the same protective standards. Having said that, we should also point out that visibility and convenience also play a major role in determining how good a pair of goggles are. This is why you need to learn as much as you can about what makes a good pair of swim goggles before committing to a purchase.


The profile refers to how far the googles stick out from your face when you wear them. In this respect, goggles can either be low-profile or high-profile depending on their build. Bear in mind that it isn’t just about looks when it comes to a goggle’s profile, but also about how the goggles perform. Experienced swimmers know that high-profile goggles tend to move around or even fall off upon entry into the water, whereas low-profile goggles are a lot more secure albeit slightly more uncomfortable as well. So as far as the profile goes, you need to choose a pair that best serves the way you commonly swim.

Goggle Size

With swim goggles coming in different sizes, you should take the time to figure out what type of goggles would best meet your swimming style. In principle, most swim goggles are either small or large according to the lenses and socket size.

  • Lens size – It is the lens size of a pair of goggles that determines what the swimmer sees at all times. With a larger lens, the swimmer has a larger field of vision, mostly in a wide angle but equally plausible as a normal angle depending on how the lens is shaped. Goggles with a smaller lens restrict a swimmer’s vision so that they may focus on what’s ahead of them, thus boosting their performance when doing laps.
  • Socket size – The socket size of a pair of swim goggles indicates how large the actual goggles are and thus how comfortable they are to wear. It needs to be said that larger goggles can be a bit painful for the orbital bone because they add an extra amount of pressure when worn. That said, larger sockets don’t really fit into the socket, which can lead to water leaking around the edges when worn for extended periods of time.


The design also plays an important role in choosing a pair of swim goggles, especially for people who swim around other people. Although their main purpose is to be protective and functional, it certainly couldn’t hurt to have a pair that stands out for all the right reasons. It isn’t just the color that should pay attention to but also the frame size, the thickness, and whether the goggles have any holograms or inscriptions on them. Be wary not to focus too much on style, however, because you don’t want a pair of impractical goggles that simply look nice.


Although many swim goggles can be worn straight out of the box, some DO require a little bit of assembly. For instance, you may be required to pass the straps through the goggles yourself, or to string up the nosepiece. Fortunately enough, these type of goggles usually come with all the necessary instructions. If not, you can always find an instructional guide online these days if you go looking. While it may seem a bit intimidating for someone who has never done something like this before, we assure you that the process is quite intuitive for the most part.

The Fit

No two people have the same face, this is more or less scientifically proven. As such, you shouldn’t expect to experience the same comfort wearing a certain type of goggles that other people experience. You need to understand that even a seemingly comfortable pair of goggles can prove irritating when worn for extended periods of time. The thing about goggles is that they tend to dig in around your eye sockets and around your nasal bone. If the goggles are too tight, then you will experience this type of discomfort tenfold.

The Protection

Seeing how the original purpose of swim goggles was to protect your eyes against irritation, you should above all pay close attention to the protection standards a pair offers. If you find yourself swimming in a public pool on a regular basis, you will eventually experience a slight irritation of the skin, blood-shot eyes, and a host of other similar issues. This is because of the chemicals used to treat the water and because of the substances that people leave off behind after they swim. That said, a pair of highly protective swim goggles should be your top priority.

The Color

It isn’t the overall color of the goggles that should concern you, but rather the lens color. Depending on the lighting, you might find yourself confused when swimming, which isn’t something you want when you’re tired. So choosing a pair of clear lens goggles may prove ideal if you regularly swim in secluded bodies of water or indoor pools. When you’re swimming outside, you want a pair of goggles with UV protective lenses, which are usually a bit darker in shade.

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