10 Best Skate Shoes  in 2020 – Reviews

Featuring a low top shaft, the DC Men’s Pure Action Sports Sneakers are made from premium quality leather with a sturdy, robust rubber sole. Designed with a lace-up profile with multiple brand logos on the tongue and the side, these shoes come with unique drainage ports on the side. Equipped with a mesh lining for added breathability, it comes with a cup sole and an anti-abrasion outsole made from rubber, offering skateboarders with the perfect amount of grip and control.

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What To Look For In A Pair Of Skate Shoes

Even though most skate shoes are designed for the same general purpose, their inbuilt particularities make them differ from one another ever so slightly. You can always tell what specific design a skate shoe has based on its outsole, tongue, and height. Presuming that you already have a good idea of what a good skate shoe should do for you performance-wise, you shouldn’t have too many issues finding a pair to suit your needs. Then again, given the sheer variety of skate shoes the market has to offer, you might feel a bit overwhelmed if you don’t possess the know-how to distinguish between exquisite designs and run-of-the-mill models with a more basic outlook.

Style Dictates Form

One thing to remember when buying skate shoes is that your skating style determines the type of shoe to wear and that there isn’t a universally reliable skate shoe to depend on. In this respect, if you are an ‘Olli’ skater, then you need a shoe that will help you with your tapping and foot shifting. When performing tricks where all the wheels are lifted off the ground, you need shoes with a good support on the sole and heel above everything else. With slides, however, you need a shoe with a great deal of adherence, mostly because they have to keep you firm on the board as the tailslide touches any ledge.

Types Of Skate Shoes

As far as skate shoes go, there are two main type of shoes – vulcanized shoes and cupsoles, each with their own particularities. One of these shoes is designed to provide a heavy defense against any sort of impact while the other is aimed at providing a greater control of the board. Seeing how each shoe type differs in function and looks, it again comes down to first figuring out your riding style before making a choice.

  • Vulcanized Shoes – These shoes are thinner in shape akin to casual shoes to some extent. Design-wise, they boast a thinner, lightweight, more flexible form, one that is aimed at offering more maneuverability and board control when performing tricks. Interestingly enough, these shoes aren’t as cushioned as some people would expect, meaning that you might expose your feet to a fair bit of abuse if you’re not careful.
  • Cupsole Shoes – Cupsoles are designed to offer more cushioning and thus, greater comfort for the wearer. Given their increased cushioning on the sole, they are perfect for riders who enjoy jumping from reasonably tall heights. It is also the reason why these shoes have slightly larger soles, mainly for their increased protection when performing Aerials. Bear in mind that these shoes are also slightly heavier than vulcanized shoes, yet what they lack in the weight department they certainly make up in durability.


The cushioning of a skate shoe should be a lot more protective than what regular shoes have to offer, not just for performing tricks but because of the general stress your feet are subjected to when skateboarding. In this respect, most skate shoes enjoy a lightweight EVA foam midsole construction which is supposed to reduce the impact damage your feet take every time you land your skateboard. Although midsoles made from PU foam last a bit longer and are more durable, they aren’t exactly protective against pain. On a related note, we should point out that some of these shoes have a dual heel cushioning to make up for their thin soles, mostly vulcanized shoes.


Another thing you need to think about when buying a pair of skate shoes is whether they will withstand the test of time or whether they will falter after just a couple of months. You may think that this is an issue with most shoes, yet skate shoes are undeniably subjected to a lot more abuse than say, your average walking footwear. What you want is a pair of shoes with lace guards to prevent any lace chewing. You also want a pair of shoes with an added upper layer of material to help with the wear & tear, mostly due to the constant contact the shoe has with the skateboard. At the same time, keep an eye out for a sturdy outer sole to help with all the friction.


While it may be indeed difficult to figure out what makes a durable pair of skate shoes, you should first and foremost think about shoes in the general sense and derive what you already know from that piece of knowledge. If, for instance, you don’t really skate that much, then there is no reason for you to prefer practicality over form, in the sense that a more comfortable pair of shoes would suffice. Keep in mind that skate shoes, by construction, are a lot more durable and thus reliable than most sports shoes.


It may not be true when talking about other products, but brands definitely matter with skate shoes. You see, reputable companies have a very rich history of making comfortable, flexible, and reliable shoes, which is why you are advised to opt for a renowned brand even if the alternative is a lot cheaper. For the most part, cheaper models may look right, but their build is largely sub-par by most standards. Not only that but big brands also spend a lot of resources on research and development in order to ensure that they manufacture highly durable shoes.


Last but not least, remember that big brands don’t sell cheap, for obvious reasons of course. Like we said, you are better off buying from a reputable manufacturer more often than not, not just because of the build quality in itself but also for the support they offer. As such, consider a pair of skate shoes as an investment into your own future and the limits of your skateboarding experience. You cannot be a good rider if you don’t use the proper gear, and all the good shoes command a price tag to reflect their overall quality. All things considered, you should perhaps set a skate shoe budget that takes your experience into consideration.

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