10 Best Shoes to Workout In Reviewed and Rated

Nike already has a reputation for being one of the best and we can’t help but echo their tagline by saying, “just do it!” when it comes to going with this recent edition. The Metcon 5 is quickly replacing its former model of the Metcon 4, with many improvements and an even better design. While not everyone is a fan of Nike, we highly recommend giving this one a chance — unlike many other models, the Metcon 5 has appealed to both long-time fans of the brand and otherwise.

Weight-lifters, we’re talking to you! The Metcon 5 was designed for all movements in mind but has the extra feature of also being designed for heavy weight-lifting, in particular. While it can be a challenge to find footwear that’s designed to prevent slipping while lifting, the Metcon 5 does this with ease. That same traction doubles for runners, as its specially-designed tread allows for superior gripping when it comes to speed. Durability is obviously the key factor in this design, so of course, we needed to ensure that it could hold up to the test, and it passed with flying colors.

The pro of going with Nike is that wearers of the Metcon will also get a Hyperlift insert, which is designed to soften the intensity when it comes to high-impact sports. Anyone who has ever had a pair of poorly-designed fitness footwear knows what it’s like to be without that extra cushioning, making this addition quite appealing for sports-fanatics.

The buck doesn’t stop there, however. Nike seemed to think of it all when redesigning the Metcon, as it even provides support when rope-climbing. The unique tread allows athletes to climb with the powerful grip of the side-outsole while being able to slide back down with ease due to the smooth exterior midsole.

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