10 Best Remote Car Starters in 2020 – Reviews

This car starter is designed to be used with select Ford models. It’s compatible with F-150, F-250, 2017 through 2019 Ranger, 2018-2019 Expeditions, 2016 through 2019 Ford Explorers and 2015 through 2019 Ford Fusions. Because it’s designed specifically for Ford vehicles, it has Plug-N-Play capabilities, so it’s always easy to install. The car owner never has to splice or cut wires to install the kit, and it comes with detailed instructions that make the process easy. And because it doesn’t require extra devices to operate, it’s also one of the best remote car starters for Ford vehicle owners.

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Remote Car Starter Buying Guide

By now, just about everyone reading this article should realize just how useful remote car starters are. They are devices that can help us out as we go about our busy days and add an extra level of convenience to using our vehicle.  This is especially true since these devices continue to become more advanced and more helpful as the years go by. However, that’s not to say that every single remote starter system hits a home-run. There are plenty of models that fail to perform their job well or seem to require a degree in automotive engineering to be installed. That’s why we’ve not only listed the ten best remote car starters, but we’ve also written this handy guide on how to buy one of these devices. So let’s get right down into the nuts and bolts of buying a new remote starter for your car.

Step One: Ensure Compatibility With Vehicle

Absolutely the first thing anyone should do before they purchase a remote car starter is to ensure that the model is going to work with their vehicle. There’s a wide variety of different remote starters, and not all of them will work with your vehicle. Some car starters are designed for a specific vehicle manufacturer, some are not designed to be used with diesel engines, and others are not designed to be used with cars that have manual transmissions. Make sure that you completely understand which vehicles the starter is compatible with before you move on to Step Two.

Step Two: Understand All Warranty Information

The next thing a consumer should do is ensure that they not only understand all of the warranty information on their remote car starter system but that they have read and understood all of the warranty information on their car. This will ensure that you understand how long the system is warrantied and whether installing the system yourself will void your car’s warranty.

Step Three: Check System’s Transmitter Range

It’s also a good idea for a person to think about the transmitter range they are going to need their remote starter to have. Remote car starters come with a wide variety of different transmitter ranges. Some of them are only able to work from a few hundred feet, and others are designed to work at a range of more than 3,000 feet. The one that suits the consumer’s needs the best is going to be the one they need. It’s as simple as that.

Step Four: Choose One With An Engine Sensing Feature

An engine speed sensor monitors the RPMs of a vehicle, which makes it quite a useful feature for a remote starter to have. On models with this feature, the unit will often detect whether the remote starting of the vehicle was successful by monitoring the car’s RPMs. If the car fails to start, then the unit can attempt to restart the vehicle or alert the car owner. On the other hand, if the unit doesn’t have this feature, then the car owner won’t know whether the car was successfully started until they arrived at their vehicle, so in our opinion, it’s a feature everyone should look for in a remote car starter.

Step Five: Determine Smartphone Compatibility

The next feature isn’t as critical as other features found on remote vehicle starters, but it is something that car owners may want to consider. Starters that have Smartphone compatibility allow the vehicle owner to use something they already carry every day, their phone, to start their car remotely. That makes it a convenient feature for many people. Of course, if being able to start a car using a Smartphone isn’t useful for the vehicle owner, then it’s not a feature they necessarily need.

Step Six: Look For An Antitheft Pass-Through Module

Quality remote car starters always come with an antitheft pass-through module, which is a module that helps to prevent the vehicle from being stolen. Many new vehicles sold nowadays are designed in such a way that they won’t work with remote kits that don’t include the correct antitheft pass-through module. Unfortunately, a lot of inexpensive remote car starters require this module to be purchased separately, which can increase the overall cost of the kit. Therefore, it’s always a good idea for the car owner to just buy the proper kit that already contains one of these modules, so they can install their kit immediately.

Step Seven: Consider Optional Features

The last thing for any car owner to consider before purchasing any remote car starter is to think about some of the optional features they want it to have. Since there’s a wide variety of different kits available, there is a great variety of optional features for the car owner to choose from. Below are some of the more helpful optional features that many consumers look for when purchasing a new remote starter for their car.

  • Extra Remote Control FOBs
  • Key FOBs with 2-Way LCD Features
  • An included panic button
  • Integration with car alarm systems
  • Heated seat activation
  • Window defroster activation
  • Keyless entry
  • Remote trunk operation
  • Anti-grinding feature to protect the vehicle’s starter

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