10 Best Manual Coffee Grinders in 2020 – Reviews

With the Hario Ceramic Coffee Grinder, you get one of the most durable, reliable, and easy to use manual grinders money can buy. This ingenious grinder is fitted with an adjustable nut that helps you get the perfect grind from coarse to fine and the ceramic burr ensures quality coffee without overheating. The grinder is also dishwasher friendly and has a soft silicone lid that makes refilling it easier. Last but not least, the handle is designed to ergonomically fit in the hand and makes it comfortable to grind quickly while the glass jar can hold up to 100 grams of coffee at all times.

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What To Look For In A Manual Coffee Grinder

Although most manual grinders don’t really differ from one another in regards to visuals and general purpose, the minute details that recommend each particular model make them stand apart through their ease of use, functional parameters, and overall design. Not just that but some coffee grinders can also be expected to withstand a lot more abuse long-term without showing any signs of damage on account of their exquisite construction. Let us then delve into the world of manual coffee grinders and find out what exactly to look for when buying one.


Deciding what grinder to get based on size alone isn’t exactly easy considering how many different designs one can choose from. While on one hand, you have the sleek, cylindrical grinders which are compact in size, easy to store, and even easier to hold; on the other hand, you have the larger, heavier grinders which are best suited for home use. It also seems that people tend to choose vintage-looking grinders for their homemade grinding needs. In fact, even modern grinders are often built to meet the same visual standards set by traditional grinders, so you shouldn’t try to determine which grinder might be best for you based on look alone.


You also need to consider the grinding capacity of a coffee grinder before making a purchase. Setting your sights on a large grinder might be problematic because the larger these grinders are the harder they are to use. In principle, you want a coffee grinder that has the capacity to grind enough coffee for two or three people, which is about 100g of coffee beans. On average, standard grinders can process anywhere between 50g to more than 200g depending on the model and its construction. Whatever the case, try to remember that the more coffee you grind the more effort you have to put into the process.


Another thing to consider with a manual coffee grinder is the material construction of the item and how it can work to your advantage. It used to be that most coffee grinders were made of stainless steel or cast iron back in the day, a tradition many manufacturers hold to this day. Alternatively, you can find hard plastic grinders or ceramic versions depending on their capacity, grinding type, and overall design. If you want to travel, for example, then perhaps you should go for a grinder made of hard plastic due to its guaranteed portability and lightweight construction.

Grind Settings 

It is also fairly important to pay attention to the grind settings of any grinder you plan on using long-term. This is because you might want to achieve a different blend at some point in the future and most low-end grinders simply cannot do that efficiently. Some people even prefer to mix non-coffee related flavors and spices to the grind in order to personalize their grinding parameters. Whatever the case, bear in mind that you might sometimes need a coffee sifter or a system of tiered sieves for guaranteed uniformity.


You can expect most manual coffee grinders to last a lot more than their electric counterparts. That said, many of these modern electric grinders come with long warranties to match, whereas manual grinders rarely do. To avoid any problems farther down the line, you should set your sights on a durable, metallic grinder that you can depend on not to break down that easily. As such, try to invest in a stainless steel grinder or at least in a grinder with a seemingly sturdy build.


Speaking of construction, keep in mind that manual grinders are manually operated and thus need you to crank the handle on a regular basis. It is for this reason that you want to get yourself a grinder with a powerful yet reasonably comfortable handle. This handle needs to be sufficiently long to develop the required grinding force yet short enough to make the grinder easy to store. Bear in mind that different types of beans require different grinding methods, mostly in regards to how much force you put into the process.

Manual Vs Electric

In terms of simplicity and durability, manual grinders are a lot more practical than electric versions. Made from sturdy materials, these grinders can be operated by pretty much anyone for as long as they see fit without the risk of overcharging or overheating any inner components. Not just that but manual grinders can also be used on the go whenever there are no power outlets available or the power has gone off. The only real downside to grinding coffee manually is the effort that goes into the whole process. This is a tiresome process that might take a toll on your hands if you do it too often.

Benefits Of Grinding Your Own Coffee

If you are among those who understand just how refined and flavorful ground coffee can be, then you already know about the many benefits it has. If not, then you should definitely consider grinding your own coffee on account of how fresh the taste is when compared to the coffee you buy from the store. As a matter of fact, the grinding process is known to release certain oils from the coffee beans that are usually lost during the large-scale grinding that most of the coffee packs you find in your local supermarket are subjected to. If you don’t believe us then try grinding a small batch and see for yourself.

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