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10 Best Lego Sets in 2020 – Reviews

The Apollo Saturn V was the rocket that first took mankind to the moon, so it’s quite fitting that Lego would make it into the best Lego set currently available. This set comes with an impressive 1,900 pieces and is suitable for children and adults age 14-years and older. When fully built, the rocket stands 39-inches tall, 6-inches in diameter and is approximately 1:110 scale of the real rocket. It also features 3 removable rockets stages below the launch escape system, the service module, and the command module. It also comes with 2 mini-figures for even more creative fun. All of which makes this a great set for teaching children about the Apollo mission to the moon, for imaginative roleplaying, or even for putting it on display.

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A Guide To LEGO Sets

Even though it’s quite possible to look over the above Lego sets, choose on that would interest you or your child and then purchase it without any further thought, we decided to write this guide to give our a little bit more information. We wanted our readers to be able to do a deep-dive into the world of Legos, so they can find the one that’s appropriate for their children’s age or for collecting purposes. Having stated our purpose quite clearly, let’s dive down into the subject by starting with the history of Legos and how they’ve become one of the most beloved creative toys in the world.

The History Of LEGO Sets

Even though probably 6 out of 10 Americans would say that Lego is a toy that was invented right in the U.S., the truth of the matter is that the concept of these toys began in the workshop of a carpenter from Denmark named Ole Kirk Christiansens. He began making toys from wood during the 1930s, and by 1934 he was successful enough that he started the company Lego.  The name of the company was taken from the Danish phrase “Leg Godt,” which means plays well. When plastic was developed and became fully available during the 1940s, the company began to produce plastic building sets instead of wooden ones. And the rest is, as they say, history.

Choosing A LEGO Building Set

Now it’s time to talk about some of the things to think about before buying a Lego set. And this isn’t an easy proposition, not because there’s a lack of great building sets, but because there’s way too many. We can’t even count all of the Lego sets that are out there, so we know it has to be difficult for consumers to wade through the entire collection. It becomes even harder when you factor in that not all sets are suitable for everyone. There are several things that a person is going to want to think about before they put down money on what they feel is the best Lego set available. So, let’s take a few moments and find out what consumers should take into consideration before purchasing a building kit or any Lego set.

The Age Recommendation For The Set

The absolute first thing a person is going to want to consider is the recommended age of the set they’re considering on purchasing. Lego sets come in a variety of age ranges, with some sets suitable for children as young as 4-years old, and other sets suitable for more mature children age 14-years or older. If the parent purchases a set that’s too advanced for their child, then they make become frustrated with not being able to complete it. The converse is also true though, too, so be careful. If the set is too easy for the child, then they’re going to become bored with it and lose interest. Therefore, it’s important to always read the age recommendation listed on the box and give them some serious thought.

Are You Building The Set With Your Child?

Of course, if you’re building the set with your child and don’t expect him or her to build it themselves, then you can take a few liberties with the recommended age group for the building set. For example, if a set is made for a 14-years old, but the parent is going to assist with the build, then they can probably use the set with children 8 to 12-years old instead of the recommended 14-years recommendation.

How Much Does The Set Cost?

Unless you have an infinite amount of money, then another thing you’re probably concerned with is the cost of the Lego set. Some sets cost as little as $15 to $20, but there’s also sets that are well over $100 in price. Therefore, you should take a little bit of time to consider the price of the Lego set before you make your purchase. However, as you’re considering the price range of the set, it’s important to keep in mind that cheaper sets are less expansive and have fewer pieces or features than more expensive sets.

How Collectible Is The Set?

If you’re only purchasing a Lego playset as a gift for your child, then you’re probably not concerned with how collectible the set is going to be. However, if you are buying a Lego set that’s collectible, then you should purchase a set from one of the more collectible Lego sets available. Which Lego sets are going to be the most collectible? Although we can’t answer that question directly because we do not have a crystal ball, we can look over some of the past Lego sets that became super collectible below.

  • LEGO Milk Truck–Released in 1989–Average Value: $2,000
  • LEGO King’s Castle–Released in 1984–Average Value: $2,700
  • LEGO Ultimate Collector’s Series Millennium Falcon–Released in 2007–Average Value: $1,700

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