10 Best Ironing Boards in 2020 – Reviews

There’s a good reason that this ironing board not only comes with a ten-year guarantee from the company manufacturing it but also is consistently given high marks, and that’s because it’s a well-designed board. It’s 49-inches by 18-inches in size and can be adjusted to one of four different heights. The consumer can adjust its height from a minimum of 30-inches to a maximum of 38-inches, so most people won’t have to bend over to use it. This product also has a child safety lock that prevents this board from accidentally being collapsed. The final thing worth noting is that this board also folds up easily so it can be transported when necessary.

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A Guide To Buying The Best Ironing Board

For a few years in the recent past, it appeared that ironing boards had fallen somewhat out of the public’s view. That was partially due to several types of wrinkle-free fabrics being developed and marketed, but it also had a lot to do with that fact that people began to believe that these boards were old fashioned. Too many people looked at them as a home tool left over from the 20th century. Fortunately, that period of time didn’t last long, and people realized that ironing boards are an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to look their best.

Although there are several different ways of dealing with wrinkles, nothing really beats using an iron with an ironing board to make your clothes nice and crisp. And if you’re going to use these tools to sharpen your public persona, then you are going to want to buy the best ironing board available. And we want to help you. Below are some things to consider before you buy a new ironing board. Hopefully, the following suggestions will help you find the best board possible.

Free-Standing Or Table-Top Boards

The first thing that you’ll probably want to consider is whether you want to get a full-size free standing ironing board or if you want a smaller one that fits on a table top. Although the choice is really up to you which one is better for you, there are some things to consider.

For example, a full-sized board is often at the ideal height for ironing without bending over. Tabletop ironing boards, on the other hand, may not be as easy to use if you don’t have a surface high enough to set it upon so you can iron without having to hunch over. On the other hand, table-top boards are often easier to take traveling, so they’re often the choice of business travelers or anyone else who needs to look sharp on the road.

What About Built-In Models?

Other ironing boards that can be considered by homeowners are built-in models. These boards can keep the board close at hand in the home, but it can be an expensive solution. Many of these boards have to be installed by professionals, which can be costly, but even though there are DIY models that the homeowner can install themselves, they are still more expensive than other boards.

Height & Weight Of Boards

The next thing to consider is the height and weight of the board. If you are ironing full-size linens or garments, then you are not going to want to buy a table top model and instead buy a full-size model. When choosing a full-size board, make sure that it comes up to hip level, so it’s more comfortable to use.

It’s also important to make sure to buy a board that isn’t too heavy. Grandma’s ironing board was probably made out of solid wood, and as a result, was heavy to move around. Newer boards use lighter materials and meshes to make the boards nice and light, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find on that you can lift and move around easily.

Other Ironing Board Considerations

With the basics out of the way, let’s talk about some of the ironing board extras that can make a good board into a great one.

  • Iron Rest: An iron rest gives the user a place to place their iron without using up an area that can be used for actual ironing.
  • Sleeve Attachment: Sleeve attachments are mini-boards that can be used for ironing sleeves or other small articles of clothing.
  • Hanging Rack: Hanging racks are useful because they give you a place to hang your clothes after they’ve been ironed.
  • Storage Organizer: Many boards come with hooks or storage compartments for keeping the iron close at hand while the person is ironing.
  • Child Safety Locks: These locks prevent small children from collapsing full-size boards, which can result in serious injury. So if you have small children, you may want to make sure the board has one of these safety locks.

Now, Let’s Talk About Ironing Board Covers

The last thing that we would like to talk about as far as ironing boards are their covers. Although some of the best ironing boards have good covers on them, there some mid-range models with covers that aren’t as good as they ought to be. Don’t worry though, if you don’t like the ironing board cover that comes with your board, then you can always buy a better after-market one to place over it.

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