10 Best Indoor Grills in 2020 – Reviews

Presto knows that most people want a simple-to-use electric grill that can cook a variety of foods and is safe to use. That’s why this electric indoor grill is perfect for just about any household. It has a non-stick 16-inch grid cooking surface that holds enough food for most people’s needs and is extremely easy-to-clean. It also has a cool-touch base that completely surrounds the grilling surface and is designed to keep the user safe from burns. Other features found on this unit include a thermostat which allows the cook to set the temperature up to 400-degrees and has a design that allows grease to drip into this unit’s drip tray. All of these features, plus its inexpensive price, ensure that most people will see this as the best household grill currently available.

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Indoor Grill Buying Guide

Indoor grills are really well-made nowadays and produce great results in the kitchen. However, that doesn’t mean that all of them are the same. There’s some difference between each of the popular models, so it behooves consumers to do their research and find the right model for them. Having said there, here are a few things to consider when buying one of these grills.

An Adjustable Thermostat: One of the things that can result in better tasting food on a grill is using an adjustable thermostat. A grill with an adjustable thermostat allows the user to dial in the precise temperature for whatever food they’re cooking. This not only results in more reliable results but prevents the grill from overcooking or burning the user’s food.

Removable Grill Top or Plates: Although it’s not necessary for an indoor model to have grates or plates that come out, it does make it easier to clean the grill. However, there are some models which don’t have removable grates that can easily be cleaned with a wet sponge.

Cord Length: Cord length is also something that needs to be considered. It doesn’t matter what features a grill has or how spectacularly it cooks the food, if it’s impossible to use it because of inadequate cord-length, then it’s simply not worth it.

A Closing Lid: Another feature that’s helpful but not necessary is the grill having a lid which can be closed. If the unit has a lid, however, it’s imperative that it has handles that stay cool, so it’s easy to check on the food. It’s also nice for a hooded grill to have a window in it, so the food can be watched without having to lift the lid.

Grill Size: Larger isn’t always better when it comes to grills, but it’s still important to find one that’s big enough to cook the food that a person needs to cook for their family. This usually means buying a grill that has at least a 160 square-inch surface for a family of four or a 180 square-inch grill area for larger families.

Indoor Grilling Tips

Once a person has determined what they need and has bought the best indoor grill for their household, it’s time to put it to work. However, before that can be done with real efficiency, it’s important to know how to use it, as well as have the right tools to use with it. Below are some tips which will help the average person start using their indoor grill right away.

Buy the Right Accessories: If a person wants their cooking experience to be as good as possible, it’s important they have the right tools. As a general rule, the basic tools needed for indoor grilling include a pair of tongs, a durable spatula, and a pastry brush to apply marinades and or sauces to the foods being grilled.

Use a Meat Thermometer: A good meat thermometer can mean the difference between a raw steak and a steak that’s burnt to a crisp. Using a good thermometer probe will allow the user to determine the inside temperature of the meat without having to guess.

Follow the Grill’s Instruction: It’s extremely important to read, understand and follow all of the directions that come with the grill. And this includes the safety warnings offered by the manufacturer. Failure to follow these instructions can result in poor cooking performance or may even present a safety risk.

Make Sure There’s Adequate Ventilation: Another thing that’s important to consider before a person starts grilling indoors is to make sure that there’s adequate ventilation. Although a number of indoor grills claim to be smokeless, the truth of the matter is that there’s going to be some smoke produced. In order to deal with this smoke, the kitchen needs at least an open window, if not a stove exhaust hood.

Only Use Indoor Models Indoors: It’s extremely important to only use grills indoors that are designed to be used indoors. Using outdoor grills can present an extreme safety hazard. Outdoor grills can produce carbon monoxide that can kill everyone in the home, so it’s important to only use indoor grills indoors.

Consider The Foods Being Grilled: The last thing to think about is what foods are being cooked on the grill. Although any food can be cooked on an indoor grill, there may be some foods that people may not want to grill indoors, either because of the smell they produce or the smell they produce. For example, a lot of people avoid cooking fish indoors because the smell sticks around for quite a while. Other people may avoid cooking duck fat on a grill indoors because duck fat has a tendency to smoke quite a bit. Of course, it all depends on the preferences of the user and there’s no right or wrong food to cook on one of these grills.

The Top Dishes to Grill Indoors

It seems like everyone has a favorite food to grill indoors. Some people like to grill pork chops, and other people prefer to grill chicken. However, there are some dishes that a lot of people seem to agree on for indoor grilling. Below are some of the most popular indoor grilling dishes that will get just about anyone excited for plugging in their grill, and getting it nice and hot.

  • Blackened Salmon With Roasted Asparagus
  • Grilled Steak With Corn on the Cob
  • Grilled Shrimp With Lemon Wedges
  • Grilled Whiskey Baby Back Ribs
  • Flat Iron Steak With Green Beans
  • Grilled Lamb With Yogurt Sauce
  • Mango Salsa Chicken
  • Grilled Hot Wings
  • Grilled Tuna Steak

One More Thing About Indoor Grills

It can clearly be seen that an indoor grill is an investment that’s perfect for just about any household. It’s a tool that can be used to create a number of fantastic dishes and will provide the amateur cook with years of use. It’s a wonder that more people don’t buy these incredible devices and spice up their family dinners with some great grilled dishes.

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