10 Best Handheld Shower Heads in 2020 – Reviews

Although this handheld showerhead only has three different settings: power spray, massage and power spray with massage, it’s still one of the most popular showerheads available. That’s because this unit provides some of the highest water pressure possible. While it does have a water flow regulator, this product is easily removable if the user wants to enjoy full-pressure. This unit also comes with a 79-inch long stainless steel hose and Teflon tape so it can easily be installed in only a couple of minutes. All of which makes this shower sprayer the number one choice for anyone who loves a powerful amount of water pressure.

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Handheld Shower Head Buying Guide

It’s amazing how many people keep their old showerheads without giving a single thought to replacing them for a better model. Sure, some people have poor water pressure because either their municipality isn’t pumping the water with enough pressure, or the homeowner’s pipes are clogged or have a leak. However, the vast majority of people have poor water pressure because their handheld shower head isn’t performing the way it used to and needs to be replaced.

We understand that some of these people may avoid buying a new handheld shower head because they don’t know what features they should be on the lookout for. That’s why we’ve decided to give some fairly general tips that will help just about anyone find the best model possible. Let’s look over some of the features a potential new showerhead buyer should consider.

Hose Length

When choosing a good handheld showerhead, it’s important to first consider how long the hose needs to be. For most people, a 48-inch hose is long enough. However, some people like a fair amount of hose length and for those individuals, they should look for at least 60-inches of hose length.

Number of Spray Settings

Most shower heads offer a variety of different settings, some with as few as one or two settings and others with up to twelve different settings. Although the settings a person needs their shower head to have is a personal decision, a good shower head should have at least a spray, a massage and a massage + spray combination for it to be considered effective. Other spray setting ahead includes a shower spray, a high-pressure + shower spray, and a water-saving setting.

Removable Flow Restrictors

Flow restrictors are somewhat of a controversial subject. In many areas, they are required so that an individual’s personal shower doesn’t use up more of the communities’ water pressure than necessary. Manufacturers are also required to equip shower heads with flow restrictors as stated by the National Energy Act. However, they can also be a real pain and make the water pressure too low. A good solution to this problem is to buy a model that has a removable flow restrictor in them. These devices limit water pressure to acceptable standards, but the user can take them out if they need more water pressure.

Built-In Filters

Many showerheads also come equipped with built-in filters. These filters help to collect any contaminants that may be in the municipal water supply and stop them from reaching the person in the shower. These filters are good for protecting the showerhead from becoming clogged, but they do have to be replaced as they themselves will eventually become clogged over time.

Silicone Jet Nozzles

Although this feature isn’t necessary for a good showerhead, they are handy to have. Hard water doesn’t clog up silicone jets like it does jets made from other materials. Since limescale doesn’t clog them, they are suitable for areas where the water is extremely hard.

Necessary Accessories

It’s also important to consider some of the items that the showerhead needs in order to be properly installed. At the very minimum, a showerhead should have a hose and an installation bracket. Some showerheads offer more than that basic level of accessories and also ship their products with Teflon tape and extra washers. A good showerhead should also come with at least basic instructions on how to install it.

Head Size

Showerheads come in a variety of sizes, and the size a person chooses for their shower is ultimately their own personal decision. However, having said that, it should be stated that the showerhead should at least be 5-inches in diameter. Bigger is also often better, but it’s important for the homeowner to make sure they have enough water pressure before buying a showerhead that’s over 6-inches in diameter.

Dual Head Systems

A Shower system which has both a handheld showerhead and a stationary one is great, as long as the user has enough water pressure to power both heads at the same time. It should also be noted that these systems also tend to be more expensive than simple handheld units.

It should be noted that some dual head systems are easier to install than other ones may be. For example, the ones which are built all on the same swivel pieces are usually pretty easy to install. However, the ones that are built on longer bars may require additional work to properly mount the bar to the side of the shower wall. Some of the bigger ones may even require additional plumbing to be installed properly. This makes these units prohibitively expensive, which is why we don’t have any of these style showerhead systems on our top ten list.


If there’s one thing that shouldn’t be a determining factor in choosing a handheld showerhead, it’s the price tag which is on its unit. We’ve seen extremely expensive showerheads that didn’t work very well, and cheaper models that were simply amazing. Therefore, no one should try to figure out if a showerhead is the best model available simply by looking at its price. The only reason to even consider the price is to make sure that you can afford the showerhead before you purchase it.

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