10 Best Golf Grips in 2020 – Reviews

This 13 piece set of golf grips offer unbeatable value and have a performance that outweighs its reasonable price tag. You can buy them in a variety of sizes from junior to oversize and everything in-between. These midsize golf grips have a round shape that is comfortable to wrap your palms around, allowing you to strike the ball thanks to the woven grip pattern. The soft rubber is great in most conditions and even as the water runs off, they will still offer you a reliable grip. The bundle does not come with a solvent so you will have to buy that separately, but you can find one for a reasonable price which is often good for several installations. These quality golf grips are easy to install and very reasonably priced, outperforming its higher priced competitors.

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Golf Grip Guide

Because every margin is so important on a golf course, the best golf grips are an essential addition to your bag. The problem is, low-quality grips actually make the game harder and can let you down at a crucial moment. We have searched the market and found the very best products, but to make sure you know exactly what to look for, we’ve created this golf grips buying guide.

This will help you make an educated decision so you can install the grips onto your clubs, knowing they are going to help improve your swing. Here are some of the important factors you should consider when buying golf grips.

What To Consider When Buying Golf Grips


In order to give you palms a firm grip to hold onto, look for a quality rubber that is anti-slip. A lot of them feature cord intertwined with the rubber to create a moisture-wicking texture. Others are made from polymer which doesn’t offer the same amount of grip as rubber but often comes in a variety of colors.

You can find leather golf grips, although these aren’t as common and just isn’t as durable as the above materials.


You need to match your golf grips to the size of your clubs and whilst there aren’t lots of size choices to worry about, you still need to get it right. Standard is the most common size whilst midsize is slightly larger. There are also junior sizes and larger (oversize) to make your swing suit your hands.

How Many Do You Need?

Some golf grips come as a single product, this is true for putters in particular. Others will come as a full set so make sure you know how many clubs you wish to re-grip. It is always a good idea to install a full set so you can become familiar with the level of grip which allows you to be consistent in your swing, whatever club you choose.

If you have one club that needs a new grip then it can be advantageous to re-grip all of them, or find one that is similar to your current grips. Typically, they will come in sets of 13 or 15.


A lot of grips don’t come with the solvents and tools to install your grips and if this is the case for you, it is possible to pick up everything you need at a small price. However, if you need everything in one package, then there are those that come with the solvent, hook blade, tape slips, and a rubber vice clamp.


A typical golf grip should last a long time, staying in your bag for months of regular use. However, some products are known for being more durable than others and a lot of that comes down to the materials, as well as your style of play.


Most professionals opt for a firmer grip as they are more stable whilst amateurs and beginners are better suited to softer grips as their slower swings although a lot of players tend to grip the club harder when it feels too soft in their hands.


The good thing about golf, in general, is that it is more affordable to buy the equipment that makes the game so enjoyable. That being said, you can spend as much or as little as you like on clubs, a bag, new balls, and golf grips. There is no point stretching your budget too far although there is generally better quality when you can afford a little more.

Different Types of Golf Grips


These are the most common golf grip on the market and are ideal for beginners as they have a firmness that feels natural yet you know it is there.


These are becoming more popular as they look and sound impressive but they do offer good moisture wicking and are well suited to adverse weather conditions. They provide better traction in your palms as the cord is intertwined with the main material.


These have a tacky feel and a soft texture that has leather wrapped around the smooth grooves. You get to tailor the feel of the club to make it more comfortable as you can move them around the different textures on the shaft.


Putter grips are different from the rest and often come in unique sizes including some particularly thick grips. They are made to feel sturdy in your hands to maintain your control and balance and don’t usually give you as much traction because your swing is not as intense.

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