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10 Best Futons in 2020 – Reviews

The DHP Independently-Encased Coil Premium Futon is a high-quality product that comes with 15-gauge encased coils and a cover made from premium microfibers. Crafted with a special quality foam and polyester padding between the cover and the coils of the futon, it provides high levels of comfort and relaxation. Available in a variety of color choices, including tan, black, chocolate, and charcoal, this heavy duty futon fits any standard sized frame. Not just that but it also commands a fairly affordable price tag, which is unexpected considering its overall quality.

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Finding The Perfect Futon

Many are those who believe the task of finding a futon sofa to be an easy one, but given the sheer variety available, you are bound to run into unforeseen issues sooner or later if you go at it blindly. The reason we say that is because futons are designed to be versatile and adjustable, a flexible nature that requires an equally flexible outlook in terms of perspective. So before delving into the specifics of what makes a good futon, we should perhaps begin by first understanding what they are.

What Is A Futon?

Whether you require a couch that converts into a bed or a bed that transforms into a sofa or lounger during the day, a futon is a perfect choice. Light in weight, space efficient and extremely flexible, these can be used as a sofa or a sleeper and are reliable and convenient. Thanks to their unique design and flexibility, futons can be easily folded and are a great alternative to big bulky beds or couches. Ideally utilized in your living room, guest room or TV lounge, these sofa cum beds are the most comfortable, affordable sleepers that aim at providing comfort and relaxation.


  • The Frame – The main foundation and base of a futon, the frame, should be made from a good quality, strong material. A poorly designed frame would result in easy damage and would be difficult to convert from sofa to bed. There are two types of frames including bi-fold and tri-fold frames, each with their own particularities.
  • The Mattress – Ideally the cushion of the futon, this element should be soft, well-padded and made from durable material. Polyester filled mattresses tend to lose their height and flatten out with time, whereas a good pressurized foam with coils and springs would last longer and will not sag.
  • The Cover – The cover of the futon should be the most durable and should be resistant to wear and tear. The cover is a protective case that is placed over the mattress to ensure you do not damage it by dirt and spills etc. if so, it can be easily removed and washed. Most futons do not come with a cover but a better choice would be to select one that is equipped with one, as this would not only keep the mattress protected, but you can also change the cover depending on your color choice.

What To Consider

Although it may seem easy, choosing the right futon to fit your needs can be a bit daunting, especially when you are looking for something that will last. Here is what you need to consider:


Choosing a futon with detachable covers are definitely a better option. This allows you to customize your futon depending on the colors you like, the season and just simply to change the look of the futon. It also enables easier cleaning and maintaining, in turn extending the life and durability of the sofa bed.


Say goodbye to lumpy, bulky mattresses. Owning a futon is a better, much more convenient and comfortable option. When buying a good quality futon, it is important that you check the kind of mattress that it comes with. A futon mattress that is filled with memory and springs or coils will definitely help elevate your comfort levels. However, there are many futon mattresses that are designed with multiple layers of foam and are thick and luxurious. It solely depends on your choice and preference.


The price of a futon depends on the comfort level and quality you would like. Although a futon is an affordable alternative to an expensive bulky bed, there are many that are highly priced. Some futons are cheaper but are of good quality, while some affordable futon mattresses are priced lower than sofas. Without compromising on quality, it is recommended that you read reviews and check customer ratings to make sure you choose one that meets your budget and gives you the quality you are looking for.

Size and Portability

Futons work as a couch and a bed and should be light in weight and easy to move around. When buying a futon, you must ensure it is easy to assemble and move around inside your home. It should be easy to store and should work as a temporary piece of furniture.


Another very important factor to consider is the durability and reliability of the futon. Always choose one that is sturdier, built with a strong frame and stable, robust legs. The mattress and cover should be made from a material that is resistant to wear and tear and should be easy to clean. The quality and durability of the futon will also make a difference when switching from couch to sleeper. Low-quality frames would be harder to convert, while durable sturdy frames will allow easy transformation.

Quick Futon Cleaning & Maintenance Tips:

  • Always use a good quality futon cover to ensure your mattress is protected from spills and wear and tear.
  • Always rotate the mattress on the futon. This is to make sure it stays even and does not sink on one side.
  • Vacuum the futon mattress regularly to clean away dust and dirt.
  • Always take care of any spills and stains on the mattress or cover immediately as per the instructions provided on the care label.
  • Roll up the mattress once or twice every month to help keep it in shape and firm.

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