10 Best Embroidery Machines in 2020 – Reviews

Few machines can rival the SINGER 7258 when it comes to ease of use and practicality. For starters, this ingenious machine has a large embroidery field which makes it easy to stitch large designs. It also has a built-in memory that helps in saving designs, fonts, sewing patterns, and more. Furthermore, the machine also features a large LCD touchscreen display that allows to customize your embroidery and also make edits to designs before stitching. We should also point out that its automatic needle threading feature rids you of the hassle of finding the needle eye when needed, a fairly useful feature to have.

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Embroidery Machine Buying Guide

Those of you who don’t have too much experience with buying sewing and/or embroidery machines might find the terminology a bit confusing. This is because embroidery machines are anything but easy to buy on account of how many different things one needs to take into account when buying one. The main thing to do here is to consider the cost and value of the machine before everything else. Afterward, you need to check the embroidery field and hoop sizes, the design library, the connectivity, and the display quality if the machine has one. Other than that, you might also want to see if it’s an embroidery-only machine or whether it is built like a combo machine with extra features.

Embroidery Field & Hoop Size

What you want straight from the start is to check and see what embroidery field the machine has and whether the hoop sizes can work to your advantage. We say this because some of the standard embroidery machines are limited to fairly small areas whereas high-end models can have embroidery fields of up to four inches or more. As for the different hoop sizes, bear in mind that a machine with various hoop sizes allows you to customize your embroidery projects to an impressive standard. In fact, some of these machines even have separate hoop shapes that you can buy separately and then install yourself.

Design Options

Another thing you have to consider is whether the machine has multiple libraries and embroidery designs to choose from. With the right patterns, you can customize your projects in great detail, a versatility you should always look for if possible. It needs to be said at this point that modern embroidery machines go as far as giving you the possibility of downloading additional patterns and then add them to the machine’s memory afterward. For this purpose, some of these machines come equipped with USB ports or any other auxiliary ports that you can use.

The Display

As you may already know, some of the more modern embroidery machines are equipped with inbuilt displays. Depending on the price, you can get one with a simplistic display that only shows the basic functions the machine is performing or a more advanced model with multi-colored patterns for maximum information. Depending on your overall skill, you might feel more comfortable with a more detailed display or with a more simple version for simplistic embroidery patterns. Whatever the case, keep in mind that the more advanced the display is, the more expensive the machine.

Embroidery-only vs Combo

You should know that many of the popular embroidery machines out there aren’t solely embroidery machines but part of sewing/embroidery combos. While there are indeed purists who prefer embroidery-only machines, many of the ones people buy are combos. More experienced users, for instance, prefer to change machines altogether rather than change functions on the same device, mainly because combo machines are a bit more difficult to operate. Quilters, on the other hand, mainly prefer combos on account of the extra space they offer. Whatever the case, you should seriously consider a multi-needle machine regardless of what you choose because of the increased versatility.

What To Look For

  • Thread Trimming – One thing to look for in an embroidery machine is the thread trimming feature. This is because you might find it quite hard to trim your heads one by one, no matter how much time you usually have available. For the most part, machines with thread trimming functions aren’t all that expensive anyway. Automatic Thread Tension – On a related note, look for machines with automatic thread tension functions if you can. A machine with an inbuilt automatic thread tension feature is less likely to break the thread because of improper tension. We say this because no matter how experienced you are, there is always a chance that you might miscalculate tension strength at some point.
  • Curved Fonts – This feature has the purpose of helping you curve lettering when undergoing an embroidery project that involves some sort of text. With curved fonts, you get the capacity to curve your lettering and design more complex monogramming patterns. This is a great aesthetic tool to have on hand, especially if you’re fairly good at what you do.
  • Embellishment Capabilities – In a similar fashion, you want to be able to perform sequins and beadings if you so choose to. It can be rather hard to do that by hand with a machine that doesn’t possess embellishment functions. Interestingly enough, some embroidery machines offer separate attachments that you can install to help with your embellishments.
  • Variable Speed – Bear in mind that some of these machines possess variable speed controls functions designed to help you choose the speed of your embroidery projects. What you want with machines such as these, is to start off slow and then gradually increase speed as you move forward.
  • Onscreen Editing – We talked earlier about embroidery machines with inbuilt displays. Well, some of those machines also enable you to make sudden yet accurate changes to your embroidery patterns and even to change the patterns altogether. You can expect the default size editing to be around twenty percent with standard models or even greater with high-end machines.
  • Knee Lifter – As the name would suggest, this feature is intended to help you lift the presser foot with your knee, thus leaving your hands free for other tasks. Although not essential, some fairly good embroidery machines are equipped with functions such as these, yet the sensibility of these levers usually varies to some extent.

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