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10 Best Electronic Drum Sets in 2020 – Reviews

Known for its premium quality and brilliant performance, the Alesis Nitro Electronic Drum Set is one of the best electronic drum sets out there. Producing a powerful, dynamic response, it comes equipped with high-end comfortable pads that give you a natural feel and responsive touch. Including 8-inch drumming pads made from high-quality rubber, it features a dual-zone snare and 3 single-zone toms. The kit also comes with a kick-pad tower and a bass drum pedal along with 10-inch cymbals that include a hi-hat, crash with choke, and ride cymbal. Crafted from quality materials, the kit comes equipped with 4 post racks made from solid aluminum that provide optimum durability, flexibility, and stability.

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What To Look For In An Electronic Drum Set

Although most electronic drum sets are fairly compact and light in weight, some also benefit from a wide range of additional features intended to help you master your craft. Depending on how much you’re willing to spend, these features can boast anything from common sound effects to fully adjustable timing settings along with a vast array of sounds and percussive options to choose from. To ensure that you’re getting the right quality, you should take the time and learn as much as you can about what makes a good electronic drum set in the first place.

Drum Modules

One way to categorize electronic drum sets is according to drum models. This refers to the inner systems of the device, the ones that determine the special effects, the toms, snares, kick drums, and cymbals that the drum set can reproduce. With just the push of a button, you can usually switch between the myriad of different sounds and effects these kits incorporate. At the same time, a decent set will also help you improve your drumming skills by virtue of how responsive these devices can be.

  • Sounds – We should point out that high-end drum sets deliver not only a wide range of sounds but at an impressive quality as well. Not just that but they also offer different percussion instrument sounds like bells, wood blocks, special effects along with non-percussion instruments effects for good measure. It also needs to be said that these modules also boast the capacity to incorporate further sounds that you can download straight off the internet.
  • Presets – A good drum set should also have plenty of presets to choose from, presets designed to fit each individual module. This will not only be useful for beginners but will also enable experienced drummers to develop their craft further. In this respect, let’s point out that most of these presets use short two-bar patterns or drum parts related to specific styles in order to give the drummer a certain amount of creative freedom.
  • Fidelity – You should expect good drum sets to deliver the sensitivity and velocity your style requires. To some extent, you want the electronic set to deliver the same standards of an acoustic set and then some. This is achieved through the help of various ambiance effects designed to improve the overall sound of the kit. At the same time, the kit is supposed to nuance your style with the help of ambiance sounds and quality presents that you can choose from.
  • Connectivity – The connectivity issue is one of great importance for many modern instruments, not just drum sets. This is because many artists wish to expand their repertoire and the instrument of their choice needs to always keep up. With electronic drum sets, for instance, you often get a USB port that lets you transfer MIDI data to external devices and to import various additions to the set’s modules if needed. Not just that but some of the good ones will also enable you to export files to multiple devices at the same time.

Drum & Cymbal Pads

Seeing how far these instruments have come over the years, it would make sense for you to expect them to be not only responsive but versatile as well. It just so happens that good sets are equipped with trigger pads and electronic cymbal pads. These features perform similarly to acoustic cymbal pads, with the added benefit of providing better swinging motion, inertion, and the capacity to choke the cymbal if you see fit.

Mesh Heads

Another important component is the mesh heads that many of the good electronic drum sets out there seem to possess. These heads enjoy a somewhat firm woven construction, meaning that they respond to percussion roughly the same way acoustic heads perform. They do so with a more enhanced rebound which makes them much easier to play when compared to acoustic drums. You can also tune them to your desired tension with a drum key for more accurate response and increased sensibility.

Trigger Pads

These pads usually incorporate up to three sensors which have the purpose of interpreting the percussion as accurately as possible. A single sensor head triggers a single sound while the other two heads trigger secondary and third sounds based on what part of the drum is being hit. Needless to say, the exact accuracy of these trigger pads tends to differ from one drum set to another, with the best ones being used by high-end sets.


If you are an experienced drummer or on your way to becoming one, you should know by now just how useful it can be to have the option to boost volume when needed. Now, it needs to be said that top-shelf drum sets are capable of connecting to all sort of auxiliary devices including amplifiers and monitoring systems. For that to happen, you might want to attach the drum set to a mixer or amplifier via an audio cable. At the same time, you want to have access to monitor speakers for an accurate representation of what you sound like.

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