10 Best Double Din Head Unit in 2020 – Reviews

There’s no reason to settle for a double din head unit that only provides some of the features you need when you can purchase the Pioneer AVH-4201NEX—a model that has a wide variety of important features. This unit has a 7-inch WVGA clear resistive touchscreen display that’s easy to operate and it has a peak power output of 50-watts x 4 channels. It has a built-in AM/FM tuner, built-in HD radio and is SiriusXM radio ready. It is also capable of being used with an existing backup camera, so the user can easily see what’s behind them. It’s a great unit that looks good and has a number of great features.

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How To Buy The Right Double Din Head Unit

Car stereo systems come in a variety of formats including single din, din and a half, and double din unit—according to the form factor of the dashboard they’re installed in, so before even deciding on a double din unit, it’s important to make sure that one will fit in your vehicle. Once that’s been established, you can then begin to look at some of your options. Let’s dig into those options right now, shall we?

Step One: Make Sure It Will Fit

The first thing that you need to consider is whether your vehicle will accept a double din head unit. To find that out you can check the size of your car stereo. Single din head units are approximately 1-inch tall, while double din units are 2-inches tall. If you have a single din unit, then most likely you’ll have to replace it with a single din unit. Sure, there are some cases where a single din unit was installed into a space meant for use by a double din by using an adapter. However, that’s only a small portion of the cases, so if your unit is a single, then you’ll probably have to install a single unit into it.

On the other hand, if you have a double din head unit, then you have a little bit of flexibility. You can either replace it with another double din unit or you can install a single din model using an adapter bracket. If you do that, then you can add a graphic equalizer to the mix. However, it should be noted that there are plenty of double din head units that actually have a graphic equalizer or other features built into them.

Step Two: Look For Models With A Removable Faceplate

The next thing you’ll want to consider after you’ve made sure whether your vehicle will accept a double din head unit, is to check whether or not the unit has a removable faceplate. A removable plate deters theft of the unit and is a handy feature to have. Of course, some models, such as most models with displays won’t have a faceplate that can be removed.

Step Three: Do You Need A Display Screen

Some double din units come with an equalizer display, and some come with touchscreen displays. The one you need will depend on the purpose of the head unit in your car. If you only plan on listening to music, then an equalizer display will likely be a suitable choice. However, if you want to use the unit for navigation, receiving weather reports, or for use with a backup camera, then you are going to want to get a model with a touchscreen display. Be sure to keep in mind that if you do decide on a touchscreen, then it’s going to add significantly to the final cost of the unit.

Step Four: Determine How Music Should Be Played

In the past, car stereos were simpler devices. They played AM/FM radio and maybe could play some form of portable media such as an 8-track, a cassette or a CD. Things are a little bit more complicated nowadays, however. That’s because there are models that can still play CDs, but there are also models that are only digital media receivers, so it pays to do your homework when choosing a model.

If you have a CD collection and want to play them in your vehicle, then you are obviously going to need a unit with a CD player. If you plan on using digital media, however, then you have to determine how that music is going to be played. If you intend on streaming it via Bluetooth, then the unit is going to have to have Bluetooth capabilities. If you want to play over-the-air AM/FM broadcasts, then the unit is going to have to have a radio receiver. And if you need to play music some other way, such as hooking your phone up to the unit via an AUX cable, then you are going to need to look for inputs that make that easy.

Step Five: Choose Additional Features

The last thing that you’ll want to consider is whether the unit you are considering buying has the features that you need it to have built into it. Below are some additional features you may want to consider:

  • Color & Lighting Options
  • DVD And/Or Streaming Playback
  • GPS Controls
  • Pandora Or Sirius XM Radio Enabled
  • Steering Wheel Controls
  • Remote Controls

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