10 Best Diaper Pails in 2020 – Reviews

Capable of holding up to 55 dirty diapers, the Ubbi Steel Odor Locking Diaper Pail eliminates the need for purchasing inserts, refills and special bags. Winner of 9 different popular awards, this diaper pail is one among the most famous and highly recommended by parents. Featuring a heavy-duty construction, it is made from steel and ensures the odor is shielded and contained inside. Easy to use, it does not require any assembly and is resistant to breaking and outer damage. Thanks to its special child lock feature, it ensures your kid does not get their little hands dirty. Overall, it is one of the most effective and reliable diaper pails out there.

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What To Look For In A Diaper Pail

A decent diaper pail should provide you with the appropriate disposal system in order to rid the house of the smell your baby’s used diapers emit. Not many parents consider such an investment necessary, but they are soon proven wrong when the baby switches from liquid to solid foods. Simply containing the foul smell isn’t enough, mind you, which is why good diaper pails also make it easier for the parents to get rid of the used diapers in a controlled and efficient fashion. To ensure that you’re getting the right diaper pail for the job, you should first educate yourself on what constitutes a decent diaper pail and what features to look for when buying one.

Child Safety Features

We should start off by pointing out that a decent diaper pail should definitely possess reasonable child safety features. Among them, the capacity to auto-lock the closing mechanism in order to prevent the child from getting their hand stuck in the opening. Fortunately for you, most of the good ones are equipped with child safety locks or a similar system, so as long as you acquire a pail made by a reputable manufacturer, then you’re more or less set. At the same time, a good safety mechanism will also prevent the child from accessing the plastic bags and any sharp parts the pail might have.


It also needs to be said that good diaper pails have to be reasonably flexible in this day and age, in the sense that they should be equally effective at disposing of cloth diapers as they are when disposing of standard diapers. Many people see this as a big plus over using traditional garbage bins or even using inflexible pails as temporary garbage bins just the same. In this regard, you can use a flexible pail as a temporary storage unit for soiled cloth diapers before laundry day.

Odor Control

A good diaper pail should above all provide a decent odor control standard. This way, you keep odors from escaping the bin and causing you any kind of discomfort, a feature regular garbage bins simply do not have on account of their closing mechanism. Furthermore, diaper pail liners are designed specifically to eliminate odors, which is guaranteed to make the investment worthwhile in the long run. These liners have the capacity to seal away odors of any kind and even keep the smell from getting out whenever you open the lid for any reason. In this respect, you should probably look for a pail with air filtering features, which may end up costing a bit more.

Disposal Mechanism

The effectiveness of a pail’s disposal mechanism should also be a top priority when looking for a good one, mainly in regards to whether the pail’s lid can be opened with a foot pedal. In some cases, the pail can hold the diapers with the help of special insert bags instead of a lid-based access opening, but the general principle is mostly the same. What’s important for a diaper pail is that it closes properly and can be secured to ensure that it doesn’t release any foul odors at any given time. Interestingly enough, some pails even come with a motion detector feature to make the whole disposal process a lot easier.


A decent diaper pail should be able to secure not just regular diapers but dirty rags and other types of disposal if needed. That said, you can always opt for a low-end model that’s specifically suited for a certain type of diaper. Bear in mind that you won’t be able to switch from one type of diaper to another and expect the unit to maintain the same standard of odor removal. Still, considering the fact that some of these pails are equipped with special bags, you shouldn’t have too many issues disposing of pretty much anything as long as it fits inside the bag properly.


You also have to ensure that whatever pail you end up buying has a sufficient size to accommodate all your diaper disposal needs. In a way, it makes perfect sense to look for the largest pail you can find as long as it fits your budget, but bear in mind that the larger ones usually come with increased maintenance requirements. Not just that but consider how many diapers your baby uses on a daily basis and see if a larger pail makes sense in that regard.


The material construction of a diaper pail more or less dictates how sturdy and durable the unit will be. While steel diaper pails are often the toughest, they are also rather bulky and heavier than their plastic counterparts, not to mention how much more expensive they can be. That said, inexpensive plastic pails will often absorb odor like most plastics, as long as they aren’t built using ABS plastic which has a lower odor absorption rate.

Changing Bags

If you’re in the market for a diaper pail that employs changing bags, make sure that it features an easy disposal system for the bags themselves. As such, a decent diaper pail should allow for easy insertion and removal of the bags using a closure bag with a standard snap feature of sorts. If you can, look for a diaper pail that prevents the bag from getting caught in the lid or the sides of the bin when replacing them for whatever reason.

Types Of Diaper Pails

  • Diaper Pails for Disposable Diapers – These diaper pails are designed to contain disposable diapers and thus, usually boast a foot pedal to allow for easy disposal. At the same time, these pails are built in a way that prevents the child from getting access to the pail at any point. To contain the odor, these pails usually employ special liners or air filters and are usually lighter in weight than larger units. Bear in mind, however, that when you have a choice between plastic and metal pails, a metal one should always be considered as the better choice.
  • Diaper Pails for Dry Cloth Diapers – Unlike the pails designed for disposable diapers, these ones are meant to be used with reusable diapers. Interestingly enough, these types of diaper pails usually come equipped with child locking systems to prevent the child from getting into the pail. Furthermore, these types of diaper pals are sometimes equipped with washable liners that you can wash along with the cloth diapers at any time you see fit.

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