10 Best Charcoal Masks in 2020 – Reviews

This product is designed to flush toxins out of the user’s skin so that they can have a complexion that’s nice and clear. Because it uses high-quality activated charcoal, this product is able to completely draw out a number of impurities from the user’s skin including dirt, oil, and toxins. It will not only help remove blackheads and deal with acne problems, but it will also minimize pores in the process. After use, the person’s skin is brightened and looks well nourished. And since it’s manufactured using quality ingredients, this product is safe to use for any bi-weekly beauty regimen.

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Charcoal Mask Application Guide

Even if you buy the best charcoal mask available, you will still have to use it in a way that enables you to get the most benefit out of it. With that in mind, we’ve come up with the following charcoal mask application regimen which will enable users of this product to get the most benefit out of their masks. Let’s get started and begin using this mask for the best skin benefits possible.

Step One: Choose A Quality Charcoal Face Mask

For best results, you’re going to want to make sure that you purchase a high-quality charcoal face mask. You can find a high-quality mask by choosing one from the above list or by selecting a mask that uses activated charcoal in its formulation. High-quality formulations also tend to use soothing agents such as Aloe Vera or coconut oil, too.

Step Two: Test To Ensure It’s Safe To Use

Although a charcoal mask, or any other cosmetic product for that matter, may claim to be hypoallergenic doesn’t mean that you’re not capable of having a reaction to it. Be sure to thoroughly read the ingredient list to make sure that there aren’t any ingredients that you may cause an allergic reaction. However, we suggest going a step further and not only checking the ingredient list but also testing a sample of the product on your skin first before using it. To do a test, just place a small dot of the charcoal mask on the back of your hand and wait for 10-minutes. If there’s no reaction, then it’s likely safe to use. However, if there is a reaction, then do not use the charcoal mask–buy another one instead.

Step Three: Read The Instructions

The next thing that you’ll want to do is to thoroughly read the instructions that came with your product. You should not only reread the product’s ingredient’s list, but you should also make sure to read all of its instructions. For best results, it’s usually best to follow the instructions on the product to ensure that it’s used in the correct way.

Step Four: Wash & Exfoliate First

Okay, now it’s time to wash and exfoliate your skin. Make sure that your hair is tied back and away from your face, and then use your favorite face cleanser to wash your face. You want to make sure that you remove any surface dirt or oil so that the charcoal mask will pull impurities from deeper in your pores and not just become bogged down with surface dirt and oil. After you wash your face, you’ll also want to make sure to exfoliate your skin so that your pores are open and ready for application of the mask.

Step Five: Spread The Mask

Place a quarter-size amount of mask into a small bowl and then use a clean makeup brush to apply it evenly over your skin. A foundation brush is a good choice for this job, but if you want to use a specialized charcoal mask brush, then those work well, too. If you don’t want to use a brush, you can always spread the mask with your fingers, and that also works pretty well. While applying the mask, be sure to avoid getting it near your lips or eyes.

Step Six: Let The Mask Do Its Job

Once it’s thoroughly applied over your face, make sure that you wait for approximately 10-minutes. As the mask dries, it will begin to feel tight on the skin and in some instances may even feel itchy. Those are normal reactions to the mask. However, if the mask becomes uncomfortable or painful, then be sure to remove it immediately.

Step Seven: Remove The Mask

When the 10-minutes has expired, peel off the mask. Be sure to begin at the bottom of the mask and then slowly pull it upwards towards the top of your face. Once you’ve removed it, use your favorite cleanser and wash your face. Using a clean, microfiber towel, pat off any water remaining on your face and then use a moisturizer. Congratulations, you have successfully cleansed your skin using a charcoal mask.

How Often Should A Charcoal Mask Be Used?

Before we go, we’d like to address one of the most common questions asked about charcoal masks: How often should a charcoal mask be used? Although the answer to this question may vary depending on the needs and skin type of the user, the general rule is that a charcoal mask should be used approximately every 2 to 4-weeks. Although most formulations are safe to use, they shouldn’t be used more than that because they can tend to dry out or irritate the skin if they’re used too often.

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