10 Best CB Radios in 2020 – Reviews

This is without a doubt one of the very best CB radios ever made, one that constantly receives positive reviews from satisfied users. The main reason why people like it due to many installation options to choose from, a versatility that’s surely well received by truckers and emergency services operators. Interestingly enough, this radio looks a lot like a standard walkie-talkie in terms of its shape and form, yet its functionality is on a whole different level. Among its many features, we find an illuminated backlit display that offers perfect visibility in all lighting conditions, a 40-channel frequency range, 10 NOAA channels, and an impressively compact design to top it all off. Last but not least, we should also point out that it features a double-channel function for emergency situations.

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What To Look For In A CB Radio

The first thing people generally find out about CB radios is that they aren’t regulated by broadband restrictions like other communication devices. This way, people get to enjoy a great deal of freedom when tapping into frequencies across the channel spectrum. CB radios or ‘Citizens Band Radios’ as they are also known, can be used by pretty much anyone with no real limitations whatsoever. With no less than 40 authorized channels to choose from, you get the capacity to tap into any AM or SSB capabilities your device may have at will. Even so, you should perhaps take the time to better understand what CB radios are all about before committing on a purchase.

Benefits Of Using CB Radios

The main reason people use CB radios is for a more alternative approach to medium and long-range communication. While it used to be that only professionals used them back in the day, the many additional functionalities that modern versions possess make them far more accessible overall. Due to how versatile these devices are, they can serve both as stand-alone radios or as veritable alternatives to mobile phones. Not just that but seeing how many of these radios can also provide you with weather updates and emergency services, you should definitely see one as an investment into your own safety, especially because they can:

  • Get Constant Updates – One of the greatest features CB radios have is the capacity to get regular updates about pretty much anything. Whether you’re interested in traffic updates, travel information, or weather reports, it is more than likely that even a medium-range CB radio will be able to satisfy your curiosity. This should come rather handy long-term, especially if you’re someone who spends a lot of time on the road.
  • Operate At A Low Frequency – Another great thing about CB radios is that they operate at a 151 MHz signal, which is high enough for the device to behave more or less like a car phone. It needs to be said that regular radios have no such capacity and that they simply cannot function in narrowband conditions. The capacity to operate at a low frequency makes it a whole lot easier to engage in short-range communication with anyone you see fit.
  • Help With Emergencies – Not many people realize this but a decent CB radio can definitely save your life in an emergency. This is because CB radios are equipped with emergency functions that enable users to ask for help if they ever find themselves in peril. In fact, they provide quite a reliable form of communication in situations such as those, when perhaps no other communication device works.

Types Of CB Radios

Even though CB radios are mostly designed to meet the same operational standards, the degree to which they perform varies from one manufacturer to another. Given the sheer magnitude of what the market has in store, you should perhaps take the time to learn as much as you possibly can about what makes a CB radio and what characteristics to look for when buying one. You simply cannot go by visuals alone with such a purchase because appearances can be quite deceiving with devices such as these. Due to how versatile they are, even mobile with some models, you definitely want to first figure out exactly what type of CB radio you need.

  • Base Station CB Radios – These radios are built to operate according to regular CB radio standards with the added notion that they generally use their own power supplies. In other words, they take all the juice straight from the outlet, which means that they aren’t as portable as other models. Even so, they tend to operate at an impressively high frequency with perfect accuracy as long as you connect them to a decent base antenna.
  • Mobile CB Radios – These are quite different from Base Station models on account of their mobility and portability. Just like the name suggests, mobile CB radios are built to be as portable as possible without losing any of their capabilities. Design-wise, they often stand out for their peculiar shape and form that most people feel comfortable with. On average, these type of CB radios make use of a lot more knobs and gauges than other models, along with a microphone for good measure.
  • All-in-Handset CB Radios – A bit more peculiar in shape, these type of CB radios employ a handset design that makes them rather ergonomic and easy to install. Due to how tightly packed all their controls are, you can very well operate them using just a thumb, which is bound to save you a lot of discomfort in the long run. Needless to say, these type of radios are perfect for when you want to use a CB radio but do not want to make any permanent tweaks to the inside of your car.
  • Handheld CB Radios – With handheld CB radios, you get the most compact and maneuverable solution for all your CB radio needs. Small in size yet reasonably reliable performance-wise, handheld CB radios are mostly powered by batteries and they resemble walkie-talkies in many ways. Interestingly enough, these type of radios can also be powered through cigarette lighter cords and car adapters of all kinds. Given their reduced proportions, they are sometimes used as stand-alone car radios, even though that’s not exactly why they were built for.

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