10 Best Canvas Prints in 2020 – Reviews

Canvas prints come in an assortment of different designs, but no one is as great as one that you personally create yourself. Although most people don’t have the resources or the skills to create their own canvas prints at home, they can enlist this company to create the perfect 30-inch by 20-inch print of their friends, family, loved ones or of their favorite scenic locations. This print will be printed on high-quality canvas using the best inks available, and it will be wrapped around wooden 1.5-inch thick stretcher bars that are available to be hung immediately. And since each print is printed in the U.S.A., consumers can expect the highest quality standards available.

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A Complete Guide To Canvas Prints

Canvas prints come in a variety of different styles, and as such, a person should consider a few things before they run out and buy a new print. For example, they may want to decide whether they need to frame their new canvas print or display it as an unframed gallery wrap. But that isn’t the only considerations that need to be made before buying a new canvas print. There are quite a few other things that you may want to consider before buying a new piece of art for your home. Let’s explore some of these options, so you can choose a print that’s well suited to your home, office or dorm.

Consider Your Wall Space

Before you even begin to search for a canvas print, you’ll want to consider the space where you are going to hang it. You’ll not only want to measure the area, so you know what size print to purchase, but you’ll also want to consider whether you want to hang a piece of art that makes that particular area of your room a main focal point or not. You may you want any work of art you hang there to take a backseat to another piece of art in the room, or you may decide that you want something that “pops.” This will enable you to decide whether you should buy a canvas print that fades into the background or one that jumps right out at you.

Consider The Print’s Subject Matter

The next thing that you’ll want to consider when you’re searching for a new print is the subject matter. Do you want to use your own pictures or pictures of your friends and family? After all, it’s now possible to upload your favorite pictures to many canvas print manufacturers, and they’ll turn them into finished prints.  If you don’t want to do that, but instead want to purchase a print created by an actual artist, then take the time to consider the subject matter beforehand.

When choosing the subject matter of a print, it’s often helpful to visualize what you would like the print to represent about you. Do you want a print which highlights or celebrates your heritage? Do you want the print to represent your favorite hobby or do you want it to represent a destination you would like to visit?  Don’t rush through this process because whatever print you select, its main purpose is going to be to tell visitors exactly who you are as a person.

Choose High-Resolution Photos

If you do go the route of buying a custom canvas print that requires you to upload a photo, then be sure that the picture you use is of the highest resolution possible. Some of the companies which make these custom prints require the photo’s resolution to be at least 900×800 pixels or sometimes even larger. Therefore, it’s always best to read the fine print to see if your photo meets the minimum standards for print creation.

Framed Versus Rolled

As a general rule, canvas prints are either framed or they’re rolled. Framed canvas prints are a little more expensive because they come with the frame and are stretched over the frame by the manufacturer at the factory. Rolled canvas prints, on the other hand, are much cheaper. That’s because they come rolled in a tube, and the end recipient not only has to supply their own frame, but they also have to stretch their print themselves.

Consider Mounting Hardware

Although not many consumers give too much thought to mounting hardware, the fact of the matter is that not all canvas prints come with the hardware necessary to mount them. This is even true of some online canvas prints listings that actually show the print hanging on a wall. Remember, just because an online listing shows the print hanging on a wall doesn’t mean that it comes with mounting hardware. Be sure to check the listing and if the print doesn’t come with mounting hardware, then be advised that you’ll have to buy it on your own.

Consider The Price

The final thing that you’ll want to consider is the price of the print. Purchase a print that falls well into your budget, and you’ll have a greater appreciation for it. However, you should never buy a canvas print that you aren’t in love with, even if it’s relatively cheap. If you choose a work of art that you love and get it for a price you can live with, then you’ll end up with something you’ll be proud to display to all of your friends and family.

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