10 Best Boat Shoes in 2020 – Reviews

The Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Faxon Low Sneakers are the ideal pair of boat shoes to accentuate any outfit. Made from a blend of high-quality cotton and suede material, these shoes feature a low top shaft that is comfortable and offers just the right amount of support. Equipped with a simple lace-up system, it includes metal eyelets and a stylish stripe at the midsole with the brand logo embroidered on the side of the shoe. For optimum grip, this exquisite shoe features a heavy-duty synthetic sole that is both durable and light in weight by most standards.

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Finding The Perfect Boat Shoes

Although most boat shoes enjoy a certain versatility when it comes to the outfits they can be worn with, which gives people a lot of freedom when choosing their attire. Originally designed to improve adherence on humid surfaces, boat shoes have since evolved in an all-round, practical type of shoes that can be worn with almost any clothes. Light in weight, flexible, and quite comfortable, boat shoes are rather easy to come by, yet not all can be expected to meet the same standards. To ensure you’re getting the right quality, you should take the time and learn as much as you can about what makes a good pair of boat shoes and what to look for when buying one.

The Optimal Design

Considering the fact that most boat shoes are moccasin-like by design and generally distinguished by their low cut construction, you should look for a pair that features soft, non-skid rubber soles with laces that run through between 2 to 3 eyelets. Ideally, you want a pair that allows you to cinch the laces around the shoe for a tighter fit if needed. Bear in mind that boat shoes are made with canvas and leather, which means that they are lightweight enough to be worn as slip-on footwear if you want to.

What To Look For

  • Material – The material construction of a decent pair of boat shoes should involve rawhide leather or a sturdy type of canvas. A lot can be said about the type of leather that’s best suited for a pair of boat shoes, suffice to say that people tend to have different opinions on what constitutes a suitable type of leather. You should be safe as long as you go for a seemingly sturdy leather, or for a thick canvas if you plan on wearing the shoes casually.
  • Color – It is common for boat shoes to come in a variety of colors but most people prefer darker brown shades for practical reasons. Many people prefer darker shades because they are easier to look after maintenance-wise and also because they are versatile enough to go with any type of attire. At the same time, boat shoes with a burgundy complexion with gray bottoms tend to go well with anything but denim and thick jeans.
  • Fit – You want a pair of shoes that fit regardless of the model, no doubt about it. When it comes to boat shoes, however, you will find that many people tend to choose shoes that are a bit loose on the foot as they are commonly worn for casual occasions. What you need to understand is that boat shoes generally need to be worn for a while until they mold onto your feet for a perfect fit. Keep in mind that canvas boat shoes tend to get a lot looser over time so perhaps go for half a size smaller shoe just to be safe.
  • Brand – A lot of world-renowned brands have gotten onto the boat shoe market over the years, so you are likely to find top-shelf shoes if you go looking. Although slightly more expensive, boat shoes made by Eastland, Rancourt, Quoddy, Ralph Lauren, or Tommy Hilfiger are guaranteed to meet the utmost standards of quality and durability. As such, you can expect them to be a bit pricier but also well-made and boasting the type of design that enables you to wear them casually for the most part.

The Fitting Issue

It is important to understand that some boat shoes require some breaking in, mostly the leather ones for obvious reasons. A common mistake people make is to buy whichever model they feel the most comfortable wearing, which results in quite a bit of discomfort long-term. The reason behind this lays in the flexible nature of these shoes, which almost guarantees that they will become looser over time. If you can, try to go for a shoe that’s half a size smaller and wear them around the house for a few days before you take them outside.

Boat Shoes & Warm Weather

As we already established, most boat shoes are highly flexible by design, which means that they might change their shape ever so slightly over time. What you want to do is to always wear them in warm weather. This allows the materials in the shoe to stretch out and then contract around your feet, creating a perfect mold in the process. Not just that but they are also practically built for warm weather by default, so it’s not like you have many options to wear them during the cold season.

The Laces

We should point out that it is very common for people who wear boat shoes to be creative with the way they tie their laces. Take rawhide laces, for instance, which are among the sturdiest yet fashionable laces out there. Because of their aesthetic value, you can experiment with different ways to tie them in order to enhance the overall look of the shoes. With a barrel knot, you get a more preppy look whereas a tassel knot is guaranteed to add a little more style. It is also common for people to go for a chain knot with rawhide laces because of how easy such a knot can be tied this way. At the end of the day, it usually comes down to personal preference and how creative you are as an individual.

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