10 Best Bath Bombs in 2020 – Reviews

Manufactured in California from truly natural ingredients, this bath fizzy gift set makes a great gift for a person to give themselves or to give that special someone in your life as a gift. This gift set can be given as a Mother’s or Father’s Day gift, given as a Valentine present or given as a special spa gift for a best friend. And when they receive this product as a gift, it is sure to bring a smile to their face. These moisturizing and therapeutic bath bombs are formulated for people with normal to dry skin, and each one does wonders for the skin. They will bring fragrance and color to bath time but will do it without staining the tub.

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A Guide To Bath Bombs

When bath bombs were first introduced, they were just little balls that changed a person’s bathwater to a particular color and had a nice scent to them. And they were also very basic, meaning they weren’t filled with a whole lot of unnecessary ingredients. However, things have changed quite a bit with more and more companies trying to outcompete with one another. Now there are products with names like Galaxy Explosion and Unicorn Surprise, so it probably pays off for consumers to be a little mindful of their bath bombs from here on out.

How do you choose the best bath bomb available? In order to do that, the consumer is going to have to spend just a few moments of their time considering the products available. But don’t worry, it’s not complicated. Once a person knows what to look for when choosing a bath bomb, it should only take a few moments to sort out the good ones from the bad.

Step One: Read The Ingredients

The first step in choosing a great bath bomb is to read the ingredients. What makes all bath bombs tick is just a combination of baking soda and some kind of acid—usually citric acid. This combination allows the product to make that fizzy effect when they’re tossed into the bathwater. However, it should be noted that those are the two basic components of any bath bomb. Most companies add their own proprietary list of ingredients, so it always pays off to figure out exactly what’s in the bath bomb before you buy it.

Step Two: Look For A More Natural Formulation

When considering the list of ingredients, it’s important to try to find a bath bomb that contains more natural ingredients. Natural ingredients are less likely to be toxic and to cause irritation than the chemicals that are placed into many bath bombs. Natural ingredients such as rose, chamomile, peppermint, or jasmine can really elevate the quality of the bath bomb as well and make it quite memorable.

Step Three: Watch Out For Allergens

Now that we’ve checked out the ingredients listed on the bath bombs and have considered a more natural formulation of ingredients, it’s now time to watch out for allergens. Yes, just because that bath bomb doesn’t have any artificial ingredients doesn’t mean that there aren’t potential allergens lurking in the ingredients list. After all, if you’re allergic to coconut oil, then you’re probably going to want to avoid that coconut infused bath bomb that they just released.

Step Four: Be Careful Of Slippery Bath Bombs

Some of the ingredients placed in modern bath bombs may become quite slippery when they’re introduced to the bathtub. Ingredients such as Jojoba Oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, and Coconut Oil may do wonders for the skin, but they can also make for a pretty slippery bathtub. However, that doesn’t mean that you should completely avoid bath bombs which have oils in them. By all means, if you like them buy them, just keep in mind they may be slippery when you’re using them.

Step Five: Choose A Suitable Scent

Nowadays, bath bombs come in a number of different scents, but not every scent is right for every person. Not only should you choose a scent based upon what you like, but you should also consider what effect the scent may have on your well being. Keeping that in mind, we’ve listed some of the more popular scents below, along with the effect they have on the mind.

  • Vanilla: This scent is one of the number one scents placed into bath products. Why? Because this scent has the ability to reduce anxiety and stress significantly.
  • Eucalyptus: This scent is good for use after the gym because it has a tendency to relieve pains and muscle aches. It can also be used when you’re sick with a head cold or sinus problems because it tends to clear mucous membranes.
  • Flower Scents: Rose, Lilly, and Jasmine all have romantic connotations, so they’re often good scents to use for romantic baths for two.
  • Lemon: This scent is energizing and is a good scent for baths taken in the summer.
  • Ginger: A lot of people swear that bath bombs which are infused with ginger can relieve headaches. Although we’re not too sure on that fact, one thing is for certain. Ginger will increase appetite and smells really nice.
  • Sage: This is a warming scent and is perfect for winter baths. It’s also good at relieving tired aching muscles and leg pain, too.
  • Sandalwood: And finally, this scent is good for anyone looking for a sensual bath, regardless of whether your alone or with a significant other.

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