10 Best Back Massagers in 2020 – Reviews

Few back massagers can match the Zyllion Shiatsu Back Neck Massager in regards to effectiveness and ease of use. Equipped with heavy-duty 3-dimensional deep-kneading nodes, this device aims at relaxing your tensed and tight muscles, while its special heating mechanism provides a soothing, calming effect. Compact in size and ultra-portable, it features an ergonomic design and construction and easily fits behind the neck, taking the shape of your upper back. The device also contours to the shape of your abdomen, calf, and thigh region to give you a perfect fit while massaging. The massager also comes designed with adjustable handle straps that can be used to secure the pillow to any chair providing you with a convenient massaging experience.

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What To Look For In A Back Massager

Although these devices are widespread and easy to come by, you need to take the time and learn as much as you can about their particularities if you have any hope of finding a good one. We say this because there are plenty of sub-par massagers out there parading as top-shelf devices, trying to take advantage of the increase in popularity these devices enjoy for a few years now. To avoid making any mistakes when it comes to actually buying one, you should first understand what makes a good back massager and what characteristics to look for when buying one.

Massage Options

You will find that the more versatile of these devices are equipped with not one but multiple massage modes to choose from, each with its own set of benefits. While compact units do not really deliver the same overall performance of larger massagers, a good unit is bound to meet most massaging standards regardless of its size. In this respect, it is common for massagers to come equipped with inbuilt or detachable accessories that you can use to bolster your experience. In principle, a good massager should possess the following massage options:

  • Kneading – Even though a machine-delivered kneading isn’t exactly the same as one done by a professional masseur, a back massager equipped with a kneading option can definitely compress soft tissue to a reasonable extent through an attachment. As such, even a smaller unit can push your muscles against your bones depending on how hard you press the unit against your skin, thus providing roughly the same effects as a real massage.
  • Tapping – Another common option for high-end massagers is the tapping technique and everything it implies. This is achieved by pounding and striking motions which the machine performs via its inbuilt or removable attachments. They will repeatedly strike your body on a consistent basis, thus stimulating your blood flow and increasing muscle elasticity along your neck and spine for a more therapeutic experience.
  • Percussion – A decent back massager is bound to come equipped with a percussion option. When performed by a masseur, this technique involves short and rapid motions across the skin in an effort to tenderize the skin to some extent. With a handheld unit, the sequence can vary in speed and intensity depending on the model, construction, and size of the device. It should be said that this type of massage stimulates both the skin and your muscle reflexes in a safe and controlled fashion.

Heat Therapy

It is also possible for a back massager to incorporate heat therapy features, which is a sure way to promote a standard of comfort and relaxation you otherwise wouldn’t experience without the help of an actual masseur. Physical therapists around the world employ heat therapy to deal with stiffness and cramping so as to relieve the pain caused by exertion soreness, muscle knots, painful muscles, and back pain.

Adjustable Speed

Another great feature to look for when deciding what back massager to acquire is that of an adjustable speed function. In simple terms, a massager with fully adjustable speed settings is a lot more versatile than one that operates at a single speed. With an adjustable speed feature, you get to personalize your massage experience and get the most out of each session. For instance, you might want to opt for a harder massage if you’ve been feeling particularly stressed at any given time.

Multiple Heads

You should also look for a back massager that comes with multiple attachment heads that you can use at will. This way, you get to employ whatever attachment you feel would provide you with the best massaging experience. In this respect, you can use a kneading massage head for a deep-tissue massage, a wide massage head for a soothing, comfortable touch, or even a roller head for a firm, stimulating experience. At the same time, you can go for a scraper head that has the prime purpose of making your skin smoother or a scalp massage head for a relaxing scalp massage.


Although massaging tools come in all shapes and sizes, you should definitely look for a unit that grants you a fair bit of mobility and portability. In fact, a decent massaging unit should at least come with a long power cord or even a cordless design for increased ease of use. Alternatively, you can go for a simplistic, traditional massage tool that doesn’t use any high-tech technologies but instead employs a cleverly configured bar that you can roll across your back using your hands.


Last but not least, look for a back massager that you might feel comfortable using because, at the end of the day, it usually comes down to personal preference. As such, bear in mind that short massagers are very easy to wield and have comfortable handles to boost their maneuverability. If not, then perhaps an elongated massager might do the trick, as they are pretty good at reaching difficult spots that compact units simply cannot reach. All things considered, you might also be interested in a wide massager for added versatility, seeing how these units usually contain several smaller units that work together to provide an all-round, full-body massage if needed.

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